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Yoga For The Spine invites you to explore and connect to muscles of the body so that you can awaken the energy of the spine. Improve posture, relieve stress and tension. Breathe deep. Happy exploring! Let me know how it goes!

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  1. Definitely not for beginners, or anybody who hasn't done yoga in a while.

  2. anyone follow this exercise in intend to grow taller?

  3. I LOVE THIS ONE!!!! It's slow but requires strength and focus. Also, it's really helped my tense and sore shoulders. Great!

  4. Very nice session enjoyed it a lot especially from 21:11 till 21:41 😍nice view enjoyed it awesome thanks a lot adriene

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your yoga practice with us, Adriene. I randomly found your channel a couple weeks ago and have been loving every video! You and your yoga have become part of my self-love practice and I'm so grateful. After every video. I say to myself, "ahhh, that was exactly what I needed!" I also love your quirkiness and humor. 🙂 Thank you!

  6. 1watchall says:

    yoga for gamers? aka more back stuff! please haha

  7. I'm looking for something for my mid back. At the bottom or just above the bottom of my shoulder blades. Your yoga for the lower back has helped the most, but thought you might have something for the middle.

  8. Love your videos thanks Adriene 🙏😘 xx

  9. My spine thanks you Adriene 🙂

  10. Thank you so much! This was a fabulous way to slow down my hunched over day.

  11. Adriene I want to thank you for bringing to me the understanding of the mind-body connection and how to maintain it through yoga. Thank you so much!

  12. Thank you Adriene!! This was so amazing especially having a job where I am always bending and using my back! Also you make me smile aha I love your videos because you are so real, honest and funny! Also talented, keep it up!

  13. this was waayy good for my plantar fasciitis😘

  14. Marcelo says:

    thank you so much for your videos. they have been helping me a lot with my back problems. i have a very stressful work that requires a lot of concentration in front of a computer, so I wanted to ask you if you could consider doing a video focusing on the neck. that is the hardest place for me. the spine videos help a lot but my neck is still tense. i would be forever thankful.

  15. I've enjoyed so many of your videos… After the 31 day Revolution, I've been doing a little each day! The variety and effectiveness of your videos are excellent. This was exactly what my back needed.. Thank you!

  16. Adriene, your videos are always amazing home relaxing experience for me. Thank you!

  17. Second time i am commenting on this video,and i actually feel like commenting everytime that i do this practice !this is too fantastic Adriene!!!Thank youuuuuuuuuu

  18. Thank you for your amazing videos! I have a question, in some positions, as in this video (legs open wide and the upper body going down, and the next position) my ankles hurt a lot. What can I do to avoid that? Is there any exercise to get "stronger" ankles? Thank you very much

  19. MrDavidh37 says:

    Lovely morning workout just what I needed to sort my sore back after a long hike thank you

  20. Thank you so much, Adriene! This was magical!!!

  21. You are by far my favorite yoga instructor I've found! Soooo important to explain what your body is doing and you do it so well. Thank you for all the videos you produce, it really is revolutionary.

  22. lass5202 says:

    Wow, this practice is probably one of my favorite ones you have done! Thanks a lot!

  23. Hello, i am a beginner can i start with your videos? do you sell the mats as well?

  24. Moon Shi says:

    will this help with tailbone pain? It hurts when i sit for too long 🙁

  25. Hey Adrienne, I am a big fan of your videos! I know you must get tons of requests, but I've been struggling with muscle strains in my trapezius and levator scapulae for several years as a result of guitar playing. I was wondering if you might be able to do a sequence for strengthening these muscles to prevent further injuries. When I strain my trap it effects me physically and emotionally, and I want to put this pain behind me! Or maybe you already have a video that addresses these issues that I haven't seen? Thanks! <3

  26. Without reading the other comments, I was going to write, "Adriene is insightful and spot on in recognizing what a person needs who has problems with their spine!" Hers are the ONLY yoga classes that I take and I get compliments all the time on my posture and alignment. Why waste money on expensive classes that don't apply to the exact areas of the body that we need to work on? She's the best instructor out there, in my opinion.

  27. I may or may not have cursed at you a few times during this one, Adriene. I was definitely feeling the heat. Now that I've rested a bit I feel incredible. Thank you!

  28. It felt soooo good! Thanks! <3

  29. KT Roberts says:

    I have been remiss by not leaving a review for this wonderful instructor. She's the BOMB! Ever since I started her workouts, I'm feeling so much better. I've been to several yoga classes, purchased the videos so that I can do a program in the privacy of my own home, but since finding Adriene, I've dedicated my workouts to her only.  She explains the steps clearly, she's patient, she doesn't rush you, and gives you alternative moves. The other thing that I really like, is she has videos for different parts of the body you might be having problems with. I'm a writer and I sit most of the day. Needless to say, I have frequent bouts of sciatica pain, and her maneuvers work. I want to thank you for posting your videos! I'm very appreciative! <3

  30. yummy :p 'that's the ticket' haha. Thank you <3

  31. Good LORD, Adriene, you are the best yoga teacher in the WORLD. -Love a fellow Austinite who watches from Europe

  32. messyhair says:

    omg this felt great!! thank you <3

  33. She has an inner peace necessary for any true Yoga instructor.

  34. T C says:

    Some descriptions are a bit too vague that I find myself breaking concentration to look at what you're doing rather than feeling intuitive.

  35. You are, awesome! You're my daily routine. Namaste 🙂

  36. My body feels so so great after this! I feel like I could fly. I'm so glad I did this practice! Namaste!! 🙂

  37. I love her heart. A true inner beauty shines through in her videos.

  38. lamirra25 says:

    I love Adriene's practice! She's a yoga genius 😀 |