Yoga for Beginners | Standing Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and Obesity | Simple Yoga Exercises

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June 7, 2017
The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight
June 7, 2017

Yoga for Beginners | Standing Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and Obesity | Simple Yoga Exercises

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Preparatory Exercises – Standing Position –
Jogging – 00:21
Full Body Stretch – 01:23
Half Squat – 02:36
Full Squat – 03:30
Side Squat – 04:08
Twist – 05:20
Rotation for Shoulder Joints – 06:20
Rotation and Stretching Of Neck – 07:31
Forward Bending – 09:37
Sideward Bending – 11:56
Backward Forward Bending – 13:09
Bending the Back – 14:13

Performed by the students of the Balamandir Of Sri Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore.

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Yoga means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit.

Get In Shape With the Help of These Ideas

Simply being fit can drastically impact your life. It can increase your mood, your vigor along with your self esteem. You may truly feel more confident and become better equipped to deal with everyday existence. This article will provide you with many ways on how you can make which a fact.

Accelerate weight-loss by enhancing the solidity of your respective workout routines. Weight-loss outcomes will boost when you reduce the length of your workout and keep (and even increasing) the quantity of exercises you are doing. Shortening the pauses in between workout time intervals or getting rid of them entirely can lead to “more dense” exercises. You will realize the usefulness as the bodyweight melts off.

If there is no variation in your exercise routines, you will quickly get bored and lose motivation. Therefore, it is important that you switch your exercise routine up. If you’re an elliptical addict, maybe it’s time to try swimming or tennis. Keeping your exercise routine varied means that you will stay motivated and reach your fitness goals.

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