Yin Yoga Backbends (with Cleo) – Yin for Spine Flexibility & Open Shoulders 45 min

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June 21, 2017
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June 21, 2017

Yin Yoga Backbends (with Cleo) – Yin for Spine Flexibility & Open Shoulders 45 min

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Hey yogis, this week I’m doing a highly requested Yin Yoga class! This is all about backbends and poses that open up the heart and shoulders. This is NOT appropriate for anyone with spine injuries such as bulging or herniated discs!! I cannot state this enough!

I would say that this is an advanced Yin Yoga class. You need 2 blocks in order to do this practice and if you have a cat, even better 😉

We’ll play with poses like Sphinx, Seal, Supported Fish and Lying Chest Opener. My cat Cleo joins us for most of it, isn’t she adorable??

Practicing this class and these postures on a regular basis is a surefire way to deepen your backbends and increase your back flexibility. If you’re working on Bow Pose, Wheel or any other backbending pose, this class will help you get there.

Because it’s so intense, you need to be able to stay present with your breath and BACK OFF if it’s too much! Again, this is SO important. The goal is not to injure ourselves.

Music: http://www.bensound.com

What is Yin Yoga? Yin yoga is often called the Yoga of the joints because unlike other styles of yoga, the emphasis is not on the muscles but on the deep connective tissue. Connective tissue is made up of fascia, ligaments and tendons which surround and form your joints. Yin yoga improves the range of motion in your joints and also strengthens them. The results and benefits are more flexibility and greater range of motion and also more stability within your joints. Although your muscles will also be stretched, that is not the focus of the practice. It is best to practice yin yoga while your muscles are cold and NOT warmed up, even if that sounds counter intuitive. The reason we do this is so that we can send the “stress” and the “Stretch” to the connective tissues. If the muscles are warm they will steal the focus away from the joints.

There are 3 principles of Yin Yoga.
1. Find your edge
2. Be still
3. Hold the pose

Find your edge means respecting your body’s limits and not pushing too far and risking injury. Pull back a little bit and as you hold the pose you will be able to go deeper into it without pushing too far or hurting yourself.

Being still means that once you are in the pose it is important to completely relax your muscles so the benefits can get into the connective tissues and joints. Try not to fidget or move or distract yourself, this is a meditative practice. Breathe deeply in and out through the nose.

Holding the pose means that in Yin Yoga a pose can be held for 1-10 minutes depending on the pose performed and on the comfort level of the student. I usually teach poses held for around 4-5 minutes. Learn to surrender and keep a timer close by if needed.

Use as many props as needed in Yin Yoga! Blocks, bolsters and straps are all great ways to support your body to make sure you are respecting your edge and not going too far.

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Yoga with Kassandra – Disclaimer
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  1. Brandy says:

    My pets can't stay away from me when I roll out the mat. Three cats and a dog. My dog lays over my elbow whenever I do supported fish pose. Must be the good energy.

  2. Gwreck562 says:

    This was a nice opening practice my back feels much looser now with less tension. I heard you on Brett Larkin's Podcast and I really enjoyed it! You are extremely well spoken and you have a great way at teaching your knowledge so its easy for everyone to understand. It really made me understand why I like yin yoga so much because of the physical aspects of it that allow you to go deeper into our shadow self and release stuff that we have been unknowingly suppressing. Keep up the great work!

  3. jö på says:

    Thank you! Loved this one 🙏🏻🇸🇪❤

  4. very impressed with this one!

  5. I've done a handful of your videos this week. I am so hooked. looks like i found a new fav virtual yoga teacher. totally plan on doing every single one on your channel. gonna thumbs up them ALL after I've completed them. thank you a lot Kassandra 💞Namaste

  6. I can't thank you enough for your classes. I have been doing this class (along with many of your other wonderful classes) a couple of times a week and I have already noticed an improvement in my wheel pose. Thank you for sharing your gift Namaste 🙏💖

  7. Jim Bauer says:

    Thanks-great class on a rainy day. Do you take Cleo on your trips?

  8. MY cat loves to clime on me when I'm in Child's pose of bridge… lol

  9. Whoa! That shoulder twist was INTENSE! 😱 but in such a good way! I think I need to do that stretch every day. Thanks for another relaxing class! 😊💛

  10. I have a a lab that takes over the mat as soon as I move to sitting or standing, I end up on the rug. and my min pin waits until my hand is on the ground to put his head on. they love the mat!

  11. Hi Kassandra! I'm a big fan of your classes. Just wanted to drop a quick suggestion to do a quick flow for after long-haul flights. Flying is always so taxing on the entire body, so a nice restorative flow to open up the hips and back would be amazing!!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  12. My goodness… this was so great. Exactly what i needed this beautiful lazy Sunday! 🙂 Thank you so much, Kassandra. Peace Light Happiness… Namaste <3 🙂

  13. Sonjadesu says:

    Wow I really LOVED this one, big thank you and please keep up with the OM chanting, it made me feel extra blessed. Much love =)))

  14. This was highly enjoyed after 3 months of strength training. I will do this more often, my back needs more flexibility.
    I have a question for you: In the sphinx and seal poses, do I need to engage my glutes or should I relax them?

    PS-My 3 cats do the same, they also climb on me and purr….

  15. Arme Chan says:

    Great job. Love Cleo!

  16. I love Cleo ❤️ I love it when she goes and sits on the blanket and falls asleep afterwards 🙂 I always watch your videos featuring your kitties twice – once to see what the cats are doing and the second time to do the workout properly 😀 Thank you for this video!

  17. Thanks for your videos I enjoy it and you are so beautiful !!! 😄😄

  18. This class was great. I've been working more on backbends as they've always been a challenge so adding this in on a regular basis is definitely going to help. Thanks 🙂

  19. Kassandra
    You are one of the best on YT. Have you considered doing a ladder flow? It's my new favorite yoga style. Thank you!

  20. Cleo is adorable! And yes, my fur babies practice with me all the time, too!

  21. This was intense indeed. Needed a child's pose during the last puppy pose but plan to revisit often to see what improvements might come about. Thank you so much Kassandra and thank you for taking the time to be a part of Brett Larkins ytt, I have learned so much from you both. ❤️👍

  22. 🙂 my cat acts very similar to yours. in addition to cuddling he brings his favorite toy so that i can play with him

  23. I had to modify a bit (can recommend supported Sphinx btw with a meditation pillow under the belly, allows more of the passive touch of Yin) and shorten the holding time of some poses but really loved the intensity of the class. Not sure if I will do the whole class on a regular basis but at least a couple of the poses :-).

  24. Thank you so much for creating all these videos. Your videos help me a lot, i can practice at home for my flexibility. I have one question, my lumbar spine is very tight, i can do crow pose, but i can not do baby crow. I also can not do rabbit properly. I get very frustrated when i practice in advance yoga class because my lumbar spine. (T_T)

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