Women’s Workout: Lose Fat from ARMS with BICEP CURLS! (Hindi / Punjabi)

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June 26, 2017
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June 26, 2017

Women’s Workout: Lose Fat from ARMS with BICEP CURLS! (Hindi / Punjabi)

A basic yet a powerful exercise to get them Arms toned!

Learn the proper technique to do BICEP CURLS.

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Day 1 or week 1

Day 2 or week 2

Day 3 or week 3

Day 4 or week 4

Day 5 or week 5

Day 6 or week 6

Day 7 or week 7

Stomach Fat Loss

Legs/ Hips/ Thigh Fat loss

DIET for weight loss

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If feeling SORE due to exercise!

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  1. Aima Shah says:

    sunny bai dambal na ho tou 250 ki pani ki bootal use kr sakty ga

  2. Sunny bhai thank you brother please ek cool down session b btao please

  3. riaz saifi says:

    great work sir ji…

  4. anika saad says:

    should we exercise with empty stomach?

  5. sir Mene workout karna chalu kiya he mujhe ye janana tha ki kitna skiping karna hoga 20 /40/60

  6. Kida paji ki hall aa ji,
    Can u tell me which protien powder is better and cheapest for college students..

  7. kirti Khan says:

    please tell the dumbles weight for start

  8. plz tell me meri body shape m to h but wait loss nhi ho rh 65 kg h mera wait and mujhy sb sy zyda hip r thigh area km krna h plz koi super effective exercise btein

  9. plzz tellm how do loss wait
    and mere tummy pr fat ziyada h.
    and my wait is 86 kg

  10. hii how many kgs dumbells women can lift..? I have saggy arms how to tighten it…? pls help me

  11. Sir boys kar sakte h ye plan star

  12. beautiful hair sukhi jee

  13. Hi sir ! if i do this exercise for a month can i loose 1 inch in 30 days ?

  14. Nazi Khan says:

    thanks for this video. you really helping us out and I love you being funny too. love you handsome.

  15. why did you have to let her down

  16. paaji beginers ke warm up ke Lia video upload kro

  17. I love sukhi g. .so much…!!!!!

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