Why You’ll Shed Weight Cycling, And Why You Won’t | GCN Show Ep. 252

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November 13, 2017
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November 13, 2017

Why You’ll Shed Weight Cycling, And Why You Won’t | GCN Show Ep. 252

On this week’s GCN show we’ve got a number of ways to lose ways through cycling, some new world tour kits, and an exclusive interview with Gerard Vroomen of 3T. All this as well as all your usual GCN show favourites!

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Commuting by bike is as good as going to the gym for weight loss. A study by the University Of Copenhagen showed significant weight loss from a reasonably short daily commute.

We’ve learned that the newly crowned Bake Off champion Sophie Faldo is also a very handy cyclist, a national masters track champion in fact!

Si has a look at the brand new EF Education First team kit at the Rouleur Classic.

Former UCI President Brian Cookson has announced his intention to start a women’s world tour cycling team.

On tech of the week, we’ve got an in depth look at the brand new 3T Strada that will be raced by Aqua Blue in the 2018 season

Mathieu Van der Poel continued his dominant season, adding the European championship to his bulging palmares. Sanne Cant won the women’s championship in a close fought battle with Lucinda Brand

We award the first ever Hack of the Month to Lucia Adsett for her derailleur clamp, chain fixing hack from last week.

Finally, in Extreme Corner this week we’ve got a crash that we could watch again and again 😂

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  1. Remember to vote in the poll @ 5:50 – Education First-Drapac Powered By Cannondale 2018 kit – Hot or Not?

  2. Caption: Falling gracefully and other cyclocross tips from Si Richardson

  3. Caption: The only thing I'm better at than Si is burying my face in the ground

  4. Caption: Just doing my best #dothejulio impression. Nailed it!

  5. Zac Warren says:

    Caption: Just enjoying my gluten free, vegan, non GMO cycling snack. It’s perfect for on the go because it’s everywhere!

  6. Thanks Matt. You press the play button on your YouTube award and I end up watching 30seconds of advert…

  7. Caption: I had an itch on my nose

  8. Caption: I guess my cool nickname The Mole wasn't such a good idea after all…

  9. Caption competition. They said I had to slam the stem for a marginal gain!!!

  10. Cation: Vegetarian Feed Zone

  11. Caption: The only time white shorts couldn't have worsened the outcome of a race.

  12. #caption Froome's
    new aero tuck doesn't go well

  13. Just checking how soft the ground is, might need to let some air out my tyres

  14. A lot of it has to do with getting your carb to protein ratio to where you wanna be it isn't just about the net calories. If you wanna be leaner you need to lower your carb to protein ratio if you wanna gain weight you need a higher carb to protein ratio. It depends a lot on your genes, and activity levels but these are pretty good guidelines. I am experimenting with a carb to protein ratio of 2.5g to 1g atm and it seems to be better than what I was at before which was 3.5g to 1g.

  15. Caption: you mean its not called cyclosnozz?

  16. marmerling says:

    Caption: Where's someone with a cream pie when you need 'm 😠

  17. Caption: dun..dun..dun..Another one bites the dust

  18. Caption: There must be easier ways of testing my rolling resistance.

  19. Caption: This lawn ain't gonna mow itself!

  20. caption: this how MTB goes aero!

  21. Caption of the week: Re-mounting with Simon Richardson

  22. Caption… “Looking for a better mudflap “

  23. caption: Flats or Clipless?

  24. Nick M says:

    With butt cleavage like that,I could park my bike there

  25. Caption: Truffle hunter!

  26. D0CI87PC says:

    3T guy is wearing broken glasses? Is he an engineer?

  27. Tech of the week intrrview with head of design at 3T Gérard Vrooman talked about the design of a frame that could not be used with a front derailleur……I was more drawn to the fact that he was wearing spectacle frames that could be worn with one arm? Who optimised them?

  28. Trying to sniff out a victory

  29. Fat Nab says:

    Caption: Proper cycling technique, I saw Simon Richardson do this!

  30. Caption comp, look at me Doing a Si Richardson

  31. cox says:

    Caption of the week: Its time for my bike to ride me!

  32. Caption: Face planting never yields a crop, only embarrassment.

  33. Caption: Said the bike to the cyclist, "How do you like being ridden in the mud?"

  34. Congratuletions! GNC TEAM.

  35. Jack Rigal says:

    Caption: I have run out of nutrition don’t worry.

  36. When the brakes don't work, use the faceplant!

  37. Caption competition: it's ok guys I didn't fall I'm doing a pea rolling world record attempt while holding a bike above with my legs

  38. Mr Beckett says:

    Caption: I've heard of brown pants, but brown jerseys are ridiculous!

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