Weightlifter Tries Cardio – Hiking The Grand Canyon

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October 13, 2017
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October 13, 2017

When dealing with injuries and setbacks sometimes it is nice to get to use your fitness in different ways. Last week I completed a 3 mile hike below the rim at the Grand Canyon and loved it so much. I am not a hiker and it was challenging for me in a different way than lifting is.

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  1. Havasupai is a really wonderful place, but it's a tough hike and not one to do without having planned ahead. It's best to make it at least a 3-day trip: one to get there, one to enjoy the place & the falls, and one to hike back out.

  2. My left QL hates me lately. I don't have access to cupping therapy, power dot, massage therapy, etc. Do you have any other ideas for working on that devil muscle?? I do have a lacrosse ball, a regular smooth foam roller and a rumble roller – I just didn't know if those would hurt more than help or aggravated it.

  3. fumbles 12 says:

    Phew though there was going to be no training footage for a few minutes

  4. D Palmer says:

    I did a 2 week motorcycle trip in August from Chicago to Colorado, Utah, AZ, NM and back. Night 2 was in Fairplay CO, not far from where you're moving to I think. Anyway, 10k elevation. Woke up feeling like crap and threw up several times. Spent most of next 10 days over 6k feet with no issues. That one day seriously sucked though.

  5. Pope is a big booty cutie

  6. fcdychilds says:

    Georgia Peach reps Georgia well. Peace!

  7. Rob Creel says:

    Looking good Pope! I hope you got treated well in Albuquerque. That's my hometown. Take care of yourself.

  8. Joni Dahl says:

    what was that band around your thighs? I think I would benefit from using something like that. Is it easy to work with?

  9. 飄風 says:

    很漂亮的風景 祝你早日回到完美狀態

  10. Who's gonna be your coach now?! Also, you and josh come visit!! ☺️💜

  11. pile333 says:

    Amazing places, amazing landscapes.
    No climbing?
    Would be easier for a weightlifter to do climbing?

  12. pile333 says:

    5:01 Did he drink Ipecac oil? ^__^

  13. Si Mullane says:

    With your back problems, how has that changed your mobility training? Has your worm up changed?

  14. JokeZ1337 says:

    Grand Canyon fake confirmed! And Pope switching to powerlifting since she did bench press :O
    Yes, the canyon looked unreal, nature doesn't disappoint to surprise you with it's beauty. Really envious right now^^

  15. Your bubbly, positive, adventurous attitude towards life in general, as well as your health and fitness is something to aspire to.

  16. thanahelen says:

    I'm obsessed with Truffle. MORE TRUFFLE!

  17. Loved this video and how you are dealing with your injury. Keep the great content coming!!!!

  18. Huy Cao says:

    Twenty miles with that much elevation change is tough if you're not use to it. Especially if you are still acclimating to the high elevation. What I found amazing is the temperature difference. When I was there, it was snowing at the rim and high 80s at the bottom.

  19. nTOMnia says:

    Beautiful place for a beautiful face.

  20. I have done the Havasupai trail multiple times! You should have done it! It is primarily flat. The trail is on the rim, so its straight down to the canyon floor like 1.5 miles, then flat to the falls, but that means, the last part of your hike is 1.5 miles straight up LOL! There is nothing like it in the world. A very humble Havasupai Tribe is in the very bottom of the canyon. Amazing people, amazing hike, amazing experience. (PS. Your friend Rachael in ATL is my daughters lifting coach!)

  21. Question…. Have you thought about trying fitness or physique competitions? I believe you have the proper build for either.

  22. All the best for your recovery and your next meet. One thing that I've added to my training is walking and slow jogging for an hour in the morning and adding a few short sprints in once or twice a week. Has given me some major strength gains for lifting. Also been doing a 20km round trip to the gym on my bike on a paved bike trail once or twice a week. Takes a bit to get use to but also adds overall strength. Got my dead lift PR after a 10km bike ride to the gym. Maybe just some ideas that you might like to try especially while recovering. Love from Australia. Smile at 4:38 was priceless.

  23. You are very girly for a young woman thats so strong in your sport. keep up the good work you are a good example for all of the young girls out there pursuing your dreams

  24. That canyon made mah booty clench

  25. Now that you live in the mountains you should to try mountain biking.

  26. How does ur husband deal with u always vlogging? Honestly if my girlfriend was doing what u do it would probably end our relationship! Would love to hear how u make it work…

  27. I'll be at the North Rim in a few weeks for my first camping experience. I'm excited, especially after watching some of those views!

  28. The time away from lifting heavy can be more painful than the injury itself 😉

  29. Es LaRose says:

    Tell us more why you use the band at your knees when doing squats

  30. Hi pope. Big fan from Flagstaff, Arizona. Glad you enjoyed my backyard (kinda my backyard). Cheers! 🤣

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