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June 19, 2017
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June 19, 2017

In this video I share with you –

1. Why weight loss is so effective when walking on an empty stomach
2. Five benefits I have found from doing this every day

The scientific reasoning behind walking on an empty stomach:

Because you haven’t eaten anything right after you wake up, You have very low blood sugar levels and glycogen stores.

Glycogen is carbohydrate that is stored in the liver and muscles, which is the fuel that you use during exercise.  

After consumption of your daily meals, the average body has enough energy in blood sugar and glycogen to carry out 65-85 minutes of exercise. 

So when you are no longer feeling sleepy and you do your cardio exercise later in that day, you actually have to burn through all that energy stored in glycogen before you burn through your stored fat.   

In conclusion:

When you engage in moderate cardio on an empty stomach, you will burn through the small amount of glycogen you have stored and start burning your stored fat much sooner.

Hoped this helped any future demi-gods out there to adorn their almighty Greek status!

As always folks, not responsible for injury or dismemberment 😉

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  1. DuskyBoi says:

    Hey guys, thanks for watching!

    If there is any specific video you'd like to see, or anything you'd like to ask me, comment here and you may be featured in my next upload 🙂

  2. wow amazing maybe tray tomorrow… thank you for amazing video 😊😊😚

  3. alexkester says:

    I love fasted cardio!

  4. Now my semester is over at the University. I started to take time for myself & enjoying my summer of walking. You have a new fan & subscriber here. HGD. #ArizonaSun

  5. Crystal L. says:

    tfs. I enjoyed the video and the information.

  6. maeg fry says:

    Good for you. I really appreciate this video as I do this every day as well. (30 min). I live on Lake Superior and being peacefully alone in nature is so healing. Not only am I physically fitter, my anxiety and depression has been much more manageable. Great video.

  7. FAT ATTACK says:

    Thank you i appreciate it. I will keep your advice in mind.

  8. thank you for sharing this. I love walking 😍

  9. i discovered this long a go. and if you take fish oil and walk an hour on empty stomach morning time . it posts your hormones

  10. saby8765 says:

    It's very relaxing and a superb stressbuster. I usually talk to myself when I'm walking, don't know, it's probably daft.

  11. This was really cool. Thanks!

  12. I really needed a mood lift today and watching this video helped tremendously. Getting my trainers on………… 🙂

  13. About to do 3 hour walk. Can I ask you how you came to the amount of calories burned per hour walk i.e. 400+?

  14. Lovely young man. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us.

  15. Eminy Sanz says:

    Man I just walk today for an hour but had a smoothly before. Next time I will do it as you said. Hope I don't pass out like I did once when i was pregnant.

  16. Carter says:

    If all you did was walking for an hour on an empty stomach you'd get lean effortlessly as supposed to someone who busts their ass lifting with food in their stomach. Now it's a different animal if you add this on top of lifting.

  17. This is definitely Aberdeen and Aberdeen beach in Scotland

  18. Akuma says:

    It's honestly one of the very best things you can do for yourself. Right when I wake up, I drink some water, plan my day out then head on outside for an hour+ walk. Good video.

  19. did you drink water on the walk? even tho you said empty stomach is water a no or yes during the walks?

  20. amazing vedio.. reflects what i have been experiencing lately.. great work

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