Using Rowing as a Tool For Weight Loss

June 1, 2017
June 1, 2017

We are firm believers in the rower as an optimal tool for weight loss, but today we’re talking about something we believe is much more important. Weight loss is not only about fitness, it’s about nutrition and mindset. Rowing isn’t just about jumping on the machine, it’s about teaching yourself how to connect to the machine and be aware of what you’re doing.

Learning the process of rowing, going through that struggle, having the mental fortitude to push through and learn the new skill will improve the mindset that comes along with a weight loss journey. This challenging journey of rowing will force you to adopt new habits and make changes, which will help you adopt new habits and lifestyles going forward.

The rower truly has the ability to help change who you are as a person (physically and mentally) and help challenge you to change your lifestyle and habits. What are you waiting for?

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Be sure to add a healthy diet plan in your physical fitness regimen. If you consistently eat unhealthy food, you can expect to in no way receive the outcomes that you want through your exercise regime. Take note of the calorie consumption you are eating at the same time you need to be sure that you remain inside the suggested everyday reduce.

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  1. do you actually row? if so it would be nice to see a proper sculling/rowing video for once

  2. hey can you do a video on splits, and how to get them down over time.

  3. i know that this is a channel about the form of rowing but can i have a few pointers on being a coxswain (i broke my thumb a few weeks back currently in a cast and i want to still be a particiant of the team)

  4. Gosh, Shane….this is so perfect. I know the fitness industry, especially the CrossFit world, sometimes has a hard time focusing on things other than nutrition/fitness…a very dogmatic world. I'm tickled pink you're touching on the mental/emotional side. Thank you.

  5. I can relate to this.

    I love that rowing gives me something new to focus on other than weight loss. This way weight loss becomes an inevitable byproduct of my new lifestyle.

    Something that I'm also realising is that the mental discipline to keep rowing through a difficult session is the same discipline and mental toughness needed to stick to new eating habits.

    I'm loving my new lifestyle. 28 lb lost since mid January.
    Feeling great.
    Rowing is for life.

    Love the videos, great motivation.

  6. Nice. But would have been nicer with some info on how to best use the rower for weight loss (high/low intensity, duration, time of day, nutrition before and after, etc.) |