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September 17, 2017
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September 17, 2017

Ultimate Strength Training for Bouldering

There are many Gym exercises you can do to improve your strength as a climber. In this video we focus on upper body and explosive strength. These are the most important things to develop your strength in bouldering.

Why a video for climbers? The founder Amanda has a passion for bouldering. That’s how it all started with this channel.
I (Amanda) have a National competition in the Netherlands very soon. Everybody who is interested in how I trained for that, can now check that out!

The exercises shown in this video:
00:00 introduction
00:58 Pistol squat (plyo box or just the floor)
01:28 Pistol squat with TRX
02:54 Full leg lifts (pull up bar)
03:40 Front lever with band
04:02 Windshield wipers (pull up bar)
04:37 Pull ups (pull up bar)
05:43 Single arm lock off (pull up bar)
06:30 Single arm pull down (lat pull down machine)
07:13 V-push up (mat or just the floor)
07:52 Dead hangs (hangboard)

Source for the music used:
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  1. You are one gorgeous redhead! Good video content too!

  2. Hi, there. First of all – love the video and your sense of humor :-). However, I have doubts about deadhangs protocol you are suggesting. With such a short brake between the hangs the phosphagen energy system is not able to properly recover. As a result your forearms are probably getting pumped after the exercise and you are in fact training power endurance rather than maximal strength. Take a look at


  3. Please can we have more bouldering-focused exercises 🙏🙏🙏. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for such a useful video! Added to my faves. It's great to see climbing training for/by women and not just the blokes. I also love it that you're a pale ginger like me (except much taller and more beautiful)! 😛

  5. marloes says:

    Leuke video, ik heb me geabonneerd. De 'crows nest' heet 'toes to bar' 🙂

  6. In yoga we learn never to do handstand walks as these are really rough on the wrists… The handstand or V pushups are much gentler way of targeting those shoulder muscles. To get nice and explosive, you can do V-pushups where you literally push your hands up off the ground and rock back on your legs.

  7. Wyand says:

    I started bouldering a couple of months ago and in the meantime I figured, I could just do some calisthenics when I'm not bouldering/climbing, to gain some overall strength. Now I thought I could check out some stuff that would be a bit more tailored towards bouldering and this video more or less just tells me to keep doing what I've been doing. Well, I'm fine with that 🙂

  8. MT Mikmaq says:

    I thought I was in shape until I watched this. You rock!

  9. Thanks lovely video. You do sound however like a female Dr Evil from Austin Powers, not every phrase is a question!!!

  10. Cool intro to training for bouldering! Are you aware that doing overhead pull motions with the elbows flared out encourages injury? It promotes internal rotation of the shoulder and impingement of the rotator cuff. Just something to look into if you're doing pulls with heavy weights or over 10 reps.

  11. Nobody can do the Front Lever huh? Well, I can. Took me over a year of training specifically for it, though.

  12. Ok, so I can do the pistol, but my dynos still suck. What else would you recommend to get better with the jump required during dynos??

  13. Unmobable says:

    bouldering is So cool. V Push up is also known as pike push up 😉

  14. pejamin1 says:

    is there a part 2 to this video?

  15. ahdnoh says:

    I wish my climbing gym had all that workout equipment. They say the best workout to get stronger for climbing is more climbing but it is hard to break through a plateau without strength train.

  16. Wow, her AC joints almost look like mine.

  17. Nice sense of humor and great excercises! Looking forward to the videos that follow.

  18. Jamie T says:

    At 7:36 in the video you show a hangboard. Who makes this? I live in the states and aside from the Lopez' Transgression board, I have not seen anything that appears so ergonometric-ally designed and comfortable for the fingertips. Nice board!

  19. If I can perform one pistol squat I'm strong enough for what exactly? Why would a pistol squat be a good predictor for upper body strength and power? Speaking of validity and reliability…

  20. sparaaaa says:

    you should really add some push exercises to compliment all pulling from climbing, unless you wan to be injury prone and deformed. 🙂

  21. Snackchez says:

    Have a look at Eva Lopez's research on fingerboard training. Her protocol is vastly different from yours; she also has a Ph.D. with research about building finger strength. Worth a read!

  22. so for one arm pull ups and frontlevers, the negatives of both exercises for me worked most effectively. i also did straight feet leg lifts 180 degrees(touching the bar) for the front lever. It took me 1 week to get 1 arm pull ups and 2months for the front lever. weighing at 125 pds 6ft. So having a sliver of muscle is all it takes xD. I did do calisthenics before I attempted these feats. Overall, anyone can do it, but consistency is key. dont give yourself excuses to delay the Feat or the training.

  23. Hard to concentrate on what you're saying, you're a babe

  24. Nice face, nice body.. que ricas estan esas mujeres, congratulation!!..

  25. SeeKo says:

    I really like the way you broke down the exercises by muscle groups as it makes it easier to take notes. If I could suggest an improvement, it would be to have the name of the exercise in text on the screen, as well as your suggested reps, perhaps varying it for beginner, intermediate, expert level climbers. I mean no offence, but you do have a slight accent and occasionally it makes a technical word or two a little bit harder to understand. A little bit of strategically placed captioning would go a long way to adding clarity to your video!

  26. "Alleen ik vind dat grappig" haha, top video, veel van geleerd.

  27. Do I need to add weight for the single arm lock? I can stay in that position for about 45 seconds so I don't know if it's still beneficial

  28. I beat my willy to this video

  29. Thanks for the exercices! I tray to do it!

  30. Anyone else think the shoulder exercises are really bad for your shoulder health, especially the v-push up? Internal rotation of the shoulder combined with weighted movement is going to cause impingement

  31. Ivan Moen says:

    Good video.. Gonna focus on some of these, esp for fingers and grip 🙂

  32. In regards to the form you showed doing the V- push up, please don't teach people that way. It is internally rotating the upper arm while in a loaded overhead position which will typically lead to shoulder impingement issues and is just bad shoulder mechanics in general. Climbing is a sport that will naturally strengthen the internal rotator muscles of the shoulder the way you presented that exercise will only make things worse for climbers who are already prone to shoulder issues.

    'elbows in' while performing the exercise will better load the shoulder joint and increase over head strength and performance much more effectively. Dip progressions would be more climbing specific exercises for shoulders particularly with bouldering when you have to mantle the top out (again with elbows in to be more specific to climbing).

    Other than that I enjoyed the video =)

  33. You're definitely more charming than Isabel. Very short hair suits you best.

  34. lol u made me laugh a lot of timesss, thanks for that lol, u're funny , and thanks for the info! keep it up!!

  35. Obsidian says:

    That rubber band trick for the hanging
    Plank is a great idea! I'm going to try
    That my next workout !

  36. Great video! Can you explain why the 2 minute rests? Just curious, I usually hear of shorter rests between exercises, but I don't know why. |