June 1, 2017
Introduction to Pilates with Tonia. Episode 1: zip up and hollow
June 1, 2017

You asked for it! A TRX workout that’s a little “less hard” but still challenging. This one’s a 24 minute circuit – 2 rounds, 12 moves, 45/15. Including some cool new abdominal moves you’ve maybe never seen before. The second round takes it up a notch but you can stay wherever you’re comfortable. Doesn’t hurt to get out of your comfort zone though so on that note, feel free to add plyo into the leg moves!

Double Knee Crunches
Reverse Lunge Combo
Bicycle Abs(TRX Style)
One Leg Squats Alternating
Cradle Lunges
Bird Dog
Leg Curls
Open Close Crunch Combo

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Marsha Hughes is a Mom of four and has been a Certified Personal Trainer & Group X Instructor for over twenty years. She is also a Certified Nutrition Coach.

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  1. IVY JERRY says:

    omg…i did"t realize that i finished all your video workout.and i enjoys with TRX and your video marsha..thnks!!!!!!……love..

  2. loved this work out! It kicked my butt!

  3. Petco Cuc says:

    i finished it. I survived. yuhuu . I'm alive.

  4. MrPbcable says:

    whenever I do a pike my toes point in. what is wrong with me

  5. And my goodness, life is throwing some stuff at us.  Exercise helps.Thank you

  6. Easier?? This was challenging to me but fun! I survived. I love your workouts!

  7. Marsha love it! it's fun, hard, difficult but love it. Trying to do TRX twice a week 25/30 minutes. I do a better performance every single time. How many times do you suggest we repeat this short sessions? Need to go over all your videos, before ask you for something else. Hope soon get a good fitness level!

  8. clava66 says:

    Hello, I use the TRX for many years and have seen a lot of videos about, like your
    simplicity and the satisfactory performance despite the difficulties. at the next

  9. Dariga M says:


  10. Big fan from Belgium!!!

  11. Great stuff! 👍🏼💪🏼

  12. Marsha. I love your workouts. May I suggest you make your TRX workouts in a way where you don't have to flip from one side to another. Meaning do cradle exercises on floor then do upper or lower body. I have to adjust my straps on this one when moving to the floor. I think you know what I mean. Thank you for making wonderful workouts

  13. I love your workouts!!! Please keep on coming up with all the "hard" workouts! I know that I can always modify if it becomes too challenging, but what I find is in time I can do the entire workout!

  14. I love working out with you. Thank you so much for your great workouts

  15. polo c says:

    Great the workout TRX , you are the best 🙂 You can make a another TRX workout with more exercise as seen at the end ? The one from with outstretched arms is great I do not know the name.
    Thx you for the video 🙂 |