Triathlon Training Q&A: Losing Weight, Foam Rolling, Looking Good in a Speedo

June 11, 2017
Workouts You Should Know if Using the Rowing Machine
June 11, 2017

Triathlon Training Q&A: Losing Weight, Foam Rolling, Looking Good in a Speedo

Watch Triathlon Training Q&A with Taren where in this episode he answers triathletes questions about: losing weight with triathlon, triathlon nutrition, foam rolling, triathlon watches, and my awesome speedos.

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  1. Used WooPep diet and learn about it 😉

  2. Levi Wise says:

    You are officially my favorite… poop jokes…This is the best.. Learning and laughing.. loving it!

  3. what are the order the events?
    Where do i get the wet suit shorts?
    What would be a good triathlon event for a beginner?
    Thank you

  4. kmonnier says:

    holy smokes, why don't you have thousands of views

  5. Good video. Might want to work on having you in focus rather than the phone

  6. Could you do a video on nutrition and what meals you should have in a the day

  7. akinisu says:

    Thanks for the great advice Taren!
    Two questions:
    1. You seem harsh on pull buoys. Aren't these the best way to mimic swimming in a wetsuit when you are training in a pool? Also when wyould you deem using pull buoys useful?
    2. When you weren't in race shape i.e when you had a few more pounds/kgs on you, did you still rock the speedo? What would you recommend for heavier guys who are not speedo-ready yet?
    Thanks once again. Continue to learn a lot from you channel!

  8. In Feb 2016 I was 422lbs. I started training, and following your post. I am now down to 335lbs, yes still a very larger Clydesdale.I did my first small/sprint triathlon in June and doing my first larger triathlon .62 mile swim, 18.9 bike, 4.6 mile run, here in 2 weeks. I am not trying to win, just finish in under 3 hours. The one thing I have found difficult is finding gear in my size. I have, just took some time. Thank you for the help. Have a great day.

  9. Was that a Canadian "ay?" This used to be a wholesome channel. Unsubscribe!

  10. Hey Taren, great video! I was wondering if you knew any other YouTube channels that are good for beginners? Thanks!

  11. ted h says:

    I finished my first triathlon yesterday and would like to say thanks for helping me with all your videos. I would have had, a lot tougher time if it wasn't for your help.

  12. Great content!! Just bought a bike so now I can get into tri! Your tips pointers and great knowledge of what to do and not to do are aiding my every step towards my first tri race!!

  13. Been working on making foam rolling more of a priority for me. Every time I do it I feel much better afterwards. I just need to work on being more consistent

  14. That was me for insta |