TRANSFORMATION: Marathon Runner’s REMARKABLE 100+ Pound Weight Loss

June 16, 2017
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June 16, 2017

TRANSFORMATION: Marathon Runner’s REMARKABLE 100+ Pound Weight Loss

After two years of working long nights and not exercising, Inez Loredo found herself 100 pounds overweight. Inspired by her young son, she decided to make a lifestyle change. Inez set a goal to lose 31 pounds by her 31st birthday, but hit that goal early and kept going. Watch and learn how Inez went from walking on her lunch break to running marathons.

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Better Fitness Results With These Helpful Tips

No matter if it’s getting rid of love deals with or wearing muscles, health and fitness would depend generally on a couple of things: nutrition and exercising/working out. This post consists of tips that will help you tackle these focal things of health and fitness. Paying attention to them will allow you to on the road to owning your fantasy body.

Learn the distances you go to errands you operate. Stuff like the financial institution or a quick buying trip. Any range you will be going which is under a distance should be carried out by wandering it. If you closely adhere to this guideline you can expect to achieve your fitness goals quickly.

It is continue to probable to take care of your health and fitness while you are on holiday or a business travel. By not exercising while out, you may mess the entire exercise program. Whilst in your accommodation, conduct a couple of groups of crunches, do some press ups and move for your location when possible.


  1. Aw God bless her <3

  2. Aww she's beautiful. It's so amazing hearing such inspiring stories such as this, keep it up!

  3. Wow such an inspiration!!!!!!

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  5. Did I hear that right? She lost 31 pounds in under two months?

  6. Gerry Gold says:

    She looks so beautiful. Wow it goes to show how when your heavy it hides your beauty on the inside. Mama done good. Now she is a Sexy mama. Health is so important for a long life. Good luck.😊 😄 😅 😃

  7. hey im 18 n im 120 kg i wanna get rid off it im doing gym but im little confused about my diet plz share your diet which helped u to loose weight n plzz plzz do rply im really curious

  8. Rayden says:

    obesetobeast sent me .. I don't regret. I have so much respect for both you and her. makes me wanna push even harder to reach my goals! motivation right there #ObesetoBeastArmy

  9. Great episode obese to beast

  10. VSG Terra says:

    Proof that Obesity robbs us from living our best lives. What an inspiration.

  11. Veronica says:

    Marathons!!!!! From obese to freaking MARATHONS!!! Respect!!! And of course – Love you John<3

  12. FatToFit says:

    Am loving this series, I hope to be part of something like this in the future 🙂 Kids can be such a big motivation for people to lose weight and I am so happy when people discover what motivates them to lose weight 🙂 Great story Inez, you rule 😛

  13. Sue Mott says:

    love this transformation!!

  14. Wow, So much prettier with a slim face

  15. Loving the series and she looks so happy!

  16. Lol an older video because look at all that hair!!

  17. SD Native says:

    Great job! Beautiful young lady Inez!! Thank you for sharing your story! So proud of you!!

  18. wow 3 marathons, cant even go up the stairs without complaining -.-

  19. Watching while on the stairs! So much fun filming this episode!

  20. DKH4568 says:

    I thought obesttobeast had no hair??

  21. Ventur says:

    ObeseToBeast is the coolest guy ever<3 |