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June 14, 2017
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June 14, 2017

Ever wanted to ride your bike in a pool? Granted the premise seems outlandish but this workout trend is having a moment in NYC. Aqua Studio ( in Tribeca lets you take a spin class while immersed in 4ft of water. In this episode of Hannahgram, Hannah stopped by Aqua to see what the Aqua-cycling workout actually entailed. Don’t let Hannah’s smiley face fool you, this workout is much more intense than it looks.

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  1. can i say believe this is bullshit?

  2. Tom Cat says:

    This type of workout already exists in Europe… I thought it was popular in USA as well

  3. This looks like SO much fun! Even though I can't swim

  4. Bam Baam says:

    Wow, That's incredible

  5. does this burns more calories

  6. Dick Burns says:

    Do women ever get sick of following the most ridiculous trends? 😿

  7. OMG so cool! I want to get my aqua cycle on 💪🏽

  8. I confirm it is soo great I takes class twice a week. It is very popular in France and I was surprised that in the usa it is the only aqua studio in NYC and i believe in the all United States. I recommend for sure.

  9. This looks soooo cool. I wish we had this in my city I would definitely join this class. |