Standing Yoga Poses for Hips – Day 10 – The 30 Days of Yoga Challenge

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June 3, 2017
June 3, 2017

Standing Yoga Poses for Hips – Day 10 – The 30 Days of Yoga Challenge

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Standing poses are a great way to open the hips and low back, which creates greater freedom throughout the entire body.

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  2. Half of the exercises are on the floor! I have mobility isues was hoping for an actual standing video…

  3. jess is amazing, is she havingher own channel?

  4. yoga tip: do not eat chili the night before or those breaths will be the hardest part of the stretching

  5. Loved the rolling move.

  6. Pip B says:

    Thank you for this gentle flow. My back feels loads better after a day in the office. It's great to concentrate on what feels good!

  7. Title was misleading. You start out standing, but end up doing downward dog and sitting poses. It is not totally standing up. |