Sophie Pilates Core and booty blaster!

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June 3, 2017
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June 4, 2017

Sophie introduces you to some simple abdominal exercises such as criss cross, single and double leg stretch, giving you options to regress or progress throughout. From there she takes you on a glute blasting journey transitioning from prone, to kneeling and finally to a standing squat series. She completes the workout by returning to the core and offers three strong rounds of core boosters!

Sophie would like to personally thank all the people that took the time to get in touch with her to give feedback on her eFit30 classes. Especially those who contacted her and asked for more. It was your feedback and stories that inspired Sophie to make two more videos with the intention to help you all with your personal movement journeys.

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Use These Tips to Get Fit

Exercise and fitness is something that a lot of us take into consideration at the beginning of annually, then have trouble with briefly and sink back to our normal behavior. Nevertheless, exercise is something that can be increased upon any time of the year. Continue reading for several beneficial hints you could start making use of straight away.

Wall surface is placed can be a easy and quick way to develop lower body durability. Pick a area together a wall surface the place you have ample room to accomplish the workout. Change out of the wall surface and length it with around 18 “. Low fat rear versus the wall surface and flex your knees. Continue to keep bending your knees before you achieve a stage where by your thighs along with the floor are parallel. You may be in a seated situation, but with out a seat. Remain in this situation so long as it is possible to keep it.

Improve your commencing pace every time you manage. To help increase your rate total when you manage, start out working more quickly than your normal pace. With time, the body will identify this for your typical pace, and it is possible to enhance it yet again. Keep doing this before you hit your greatest working speeds.


  1. Meli M says:

    I love it……

  2. JA rule says:

    I love doing Pilates with Sophie! She's my favorite instructor ever!

  3. JA rule says:

    I love doing Pilates with Sophie! she looks like a Disney princess but can work you hard like a wicked step mother.

  4. Yay Sophie is back! I love your workouts on e-fit, you remind me to breath and really make sure that people keep their form to maximize what they get out of your routine. Thank you! Thank you! Please have Sophie on more regularly!!

  5. I really value your workouts! They are truly effective and help with other workouts. I really hope you do more.

  6. Am PP says:

    Sophie I love all your workouts, and I'd like some new ones, you are the best!

  7. I loved this one! Thank you so much Sofie, you are fantastic! I´m totally trying all others:-)

  8. Absolutely love your workouts ❤ more please !

  9. Sophie, you are the best! I love your workouts. Waiting for more! 🙂

  10. I am so glad that I found this workout today, it was great and you are such a lovely, kind and beautiful instructor. Thank you! X

  11. Sophie is awesome

  12. del3481 says:

    Sophie has got to be my favourite Pilates instructor I've ever had! Even if it is just a video and not live…

  13. faithgrrl says:

    Sophie, you are my FAVOURITE pilates teacher in ALL of youtube. Going to make the boyfriend do this (should be super funny)

  14. Huge fan of Sophie's work outs, they are all I do! Love this one, could you link the second new one? I can't find it, thanks!

  15. you have the best pilates workouts that are shot quick and to the point…please make more 🙂

  16. best pilates instructor on youtube! I'd love to see more from Sophie!

  17. Lia Amirav says:

    I missed your workouts! thank you sophie!

  18. Amy Ziari says:

    You are a light in the world! Nice workout, my stomach feels very taut

  19. This is great, thank you for sharing! 🙂

  20. My boyfriend and I love your videos Sophie, please upload more!

  21. Great precise moves, thank you. Great outfit you have on too, by the way!

  22. Rui Simão says:

    Love your workouts Sophie… tks for sharing.

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    love great bums &tums

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    finally!!! been waiting so long omg

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    Yes! New workout! Loved it! Thank you Sophie!!

  26. Welcome back, Sophie! You rock! 🙂

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    Great Pilates Workout! Love all Sophie's workouts.

  28. Loved it. You are my favourite!

  29. Am PP says:

    Very nice, I really enjoyed it, thank you Sophie!

  30. I love your workouts! I've missed Sophie so much! Arm pilates workout would be great too! Thx

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    I missed your workouts.I love your workouts!!!

  32. Thanks Sophie, I really love your Pilates videos! 🙂

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