Smith Machine Retrofitted – WEIGHT LOSS VLOG DAY 149

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June 13, 2017
21 min HIIT – rowing machine workout / Rudergerät Tabata-Training ✔
June 13, 2017

Smith Machine Retrofitted – WEIGHT LOSS VLOG DAY 149

I finished my project of converting my Smith Machine into a Squat Rack. And, I did a little shopping.


Useful Tips for Getting Into Shape

Many people are in a natural way suitable for dwelling a good way of life, and some must have it arranged and supervised continuously. This post was published to help people of many amounts with helpful guidance on the guidelines on how to get to any kind of health and fitness target which may be set.

Spherical your back whilst undertaking holding leg improves and turn back crunches. Roll your hips and pelvis toward your upper body, as an alternative to merely weightlifting your hip and legs when performing these workouts. Rounding your back will allow you to job your abs muscles as an alternative to your cool flexors, the muscle tissue towards the top your thighs.

For the more healthy diet program, try out reducing beef intake to one day every week. Load the other times with leaner, more healthy cuts of beef including chicken breast and fish. Providing your whole body many different meat will allow you to digest properly and also to encounter flavors that are far better for the inner body.


  1. Nice gear and good job on the new setup!

  2. Contigo is a great brand! I spent $20 to get on of their indestructible water bottles and it was the best $20 I ever spent considering how many broken bottles I had gone through lol!
    Improvements to Doug's Gym! Way to go man.

  3. HUZZAH! the finished product! well done man!

  4. Fatover40 says:

    nice handy work doug, now lets see some gainz

  5. shed4life says:

    I saw that 174 trying to get to the top… next time. You have the same mug infestation that my wife encourages. I finally instigated a purge over New Year's, but there's already a new one that popped up the other day. The first step on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem, Doug… 🙂 Way to go on the mod!!

  6. I have that same cup. I was noticing the other day that for some reason I have a lot of Grumpy mugs…… maybe my wife is telling me something congrats on finishing the retrofit. |