Skinny Fat: What is Skinny Fat and a 3-Step Solution to Fix It

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November 13, 2017
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November 13, 2017

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Today, we’re going to be talking about skinny fat, what it is and 3 step science-based solution to fixing it.

First off, what is skinny fat exactly?

Those two words “skinny” and “fat” are opposites.

How can I be skinny fat and what sort of diabolical black magic is this???

Scientifically, this body composition happens when one has very little muscle mass but a decent amount of body fat.

It does not matter the weight of the person as it has more to do with the bad lean muscle tissue to fat ratio.

With one’s shirt on it usually just looks like this person is skinny.

However, with the shirt off there is a noticeable portion of belly fat.

It’s pretty much having the body shape of an Avocado.

The goal, is to flip the Avocado over

Having a thinner waist compared to shoulder or bust width, it what humans are designed to look like and be attracted to.

So how do we fix this?

First let’s look at the reasons why exactly people end up skinny fat.

It’s usually a poor diet combined with little to no strength training.

The truth is that you could be doing a lot of the “right” things and still wind up skinny fat.

For instance, lots of skinny fat people try to fix the problem with long distance cardio.

While long distance cardio is great for the heart, it really does nothing for you in the way of body composition and only makes you smaller as a whole.

Being smaller really doesn’t do much to help flip that Avocado over.

So how do we fix skinny fat??

People who are skinny fat are often presented with two pretty bad options.

#1 Cutting

If you focus only on cutting weight, you may lose that pesky belly fat but will also lose any reaming muscle in the process making you look even skinnier.

Looking like a skelton was never very sexy and that’s coming from a stick figure.

#2. Bulking

If you focus on gaining weight and muscle, you will increase muscle mass but it’s likely you’ll increase belly fat as well.

Since I presume the marshmallow man look isn’t your thing either, I wouldn’t recommend this.

The real skinny fat solution is something call body re-composition.

It’s where you both gain muscle while attempting to lose fat simultaneously.

The great news is there’s really only 3 steps you need to make this happen.

1. Get Stronger

In order to build up that Avocado, you need to add some lean muscle tissue to your frame.

The best way to do this is with resistance training.

Now, don’t just run around the gym lifting weights for just the sake of lifting weights. That won’t lead you to results.

The real key is to get stronger.

Week by week you will want to increase the amount of weight you’re lifting or reps you’re doing to get the body STRONG.

This strength will lead to muscle growth and that muscle growth helps to build up that avocado’s upper portion.

2. Maintain Weight

The next step may sound strange, but you should focus on maintaining not losing your current weight.

As your strength increases from resistance training, the amount of muscle tissue you have will increase as well.

If week by week you are getting stronger, yet you’re staying at the same weight that usually means you’re adding lean muscle tissue and dropping body fat at the same time.

Some weeks you will need to eat a little less, some weeks a little more (eating whole and natural foods of course), but if your current weight stays same you WILL start to see skinny fat body change.

Slowly but surly, that Avocado will start to transform.

3. Have Patience

Fixing being skinny fat is going to take some time and patience.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a sexy upside down Avocado body.

It may take 12 weeks to get to your goals, but by the end of the journey you should look and feel like a new person.

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So in summary if you’re skinny fat and are ready to change you should

#1. Get stronger using resistance training
#2. Maintain your current weight with whole and natural foods
#3. Have patience

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