Skinny Fat Transformation: Step-By-Step Guide To Get Ripped & Muscular

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October 12, 2017
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October 12, 2017

Skinny Fat Transformation: Step-By-Step Guide To Get Ripped & Muscular

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Being skinny fat is one of the hardest body types to work with and transform quickly because you are typically overwhelmed with trying to decide what to implement first. Do you do a cut first and focus on losing body fat, or do you bulk up and 1st and try to gain more muscle mass which boosts your metabolism?

How about we do a little bit of both! This video breaks down the exact skinny fat transformation guide you should follow for 6 months to go from being skinny fat to ripped and muscular.

Step 1: Don’t Panic

I just want to start this off by saying please don’t panic! You may feel like you have the world against you and hate your body as a skinny fat guy, but I promise you that time is going to fly by regardless – and you will be absolutely enthralled you took part in this journey in a few months.

Step 2: Macros Baby!

Your daily macros should be set up the following way on your training days to maximize workout intensity and muscle growth:

Protein: 1 gram per 1 lb. of bodyweight
Carbs: 1.25 grams per 1 lb. of bodyweight
Fat: 0.25 grams per 1 lb. of bodyweight

For example, if you are a 200 lb. guy on a training day you would consume 200 grams of protein, 225 grams of carbs, and 50 grams of fat.

For non-training days we want to dial in our fat loss, so we are going to hit our macro totals differently.

Protein: 1.25 grams per lb. of bodyweight
Carbs: 0.5 grams per lb. of bodyweight
Fat: 0.4 grams per lb. of bodyweight

Step 3: Carbohydrate Timing

Carbohydrate timing is going to be crucial for your results. You want to consume the majority of your carbohydrates on training days before and after your workout. This will maximize pre workout training intensity, and post workout muscle growth.

Step 4: Train Insane

We got our nutrition dialed in, so let’s shift our focus to the workouts. I want you guys to perform the following workouts every single week.

Four times per week you should be in the weight room, with 50 percent of your exercises focused on increasing the strength on your compound movements, and the other 50 percent of exercises shapers and machines that will help to obliterate body fat.(more on this in the next section)

For your cardio I only want you to do HIIT training – which will boost your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine post workout. This can be done by simply sprinting as fast as humanly possible for 10-15 seconds, and then resting for about 45 seconds.

Watch the video to find out the last two steps! This is a complete skinny fat transformation blueprint – and i know you will see epic results and go from skinny fat to ripped and muscular in record time if you follow this plan.

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Fitness Ideas For Anyone to Try

Bad health and fitness can in a negative way have an effect on you, the two personally and emotionally. You should do plenty of your homework so that you will don’t significantly cause harm to oneself hitting the gym. There are a few suggestions further down that will help you begin with a training regimen that can meet your needs plus your desired goals.

To be able to improve your jogging health and fitness, be sure you give yourself an escape every about 6 weeks or so. This will likely allow your physique to recuperate and assistance to avoid injury. Within this crack few days, it is best to not relaxation totally, but to reduce the workload in two.

If you are looking for an motivation to help you get to adhere to by means of using a fitness instructor, take into account making payment on the fitness instructor in advance. Should you be like most people, you will be very likely to follow-through once the money has already been expended, in comparison with money that may be continue to in your wallet.


  1. Wtf i don't know nothing about this what are carbs and stuff

  2. zonekidd says:

    what if all i care about is losing belly fat rather than bulk my arms?

  3. im 156lbs can somebody calculate how many grams i need for carbs/fat/protein?

  4. E.B. V. says:

    One ofthe most informative vids out there. Respect

  5. What if im fat skinny !? 🙊

  6. is that really all the carbs you need? most macro calculators suggest upwards of 200 carbs while the math I did for this is about 85

  7. shivi tw says:

    why he nt mentioned calorie intake wtf confused anyone pls

  8. shivi tw says:

    what is calorie intake maintenance calorie or above

  9. shivi tw says:

    m skinny fat pls i dont have time for 4 time a week to hit can i do it 3 time aday

  10. This is my workout. Let me know what u guys think:

    Sun: Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ)
    Mon: Weight Training
    TUE: BJJ
    WED: BJJ
    THU: Weight Training

    My Weight training is as such:

    1) Pull-ups superset with DB Flat Bench Press
    2) DB Lateral Raise or DB Clean and Press
    3) Bend over DB Rows
    4) Dips
    5) EZ Bar Bicep Curls
    6) BB Squat
    7) BB Dead Lifts

    Guys please let me know what you think.

  11. hey.i know you are mainly targeting men with belly fat in this video .but I am a woman with butt and thigh fat.does any of your advice change for me or pretty much the same?

  12. how come you didn't address fats in the macro

  13. Richard P says:

    Richard P1 second agothis is actually good advice.. thought it'd be another douchy vid. one thing that he might not say (haven't watched whole thing yet) having gone through this myself and worrying about being too light. is don't worry about your weight. even if you're tall and skinny. bulking is easy in the long run (eating hooray!). getting cut first is the way to go. you'll add muscle too don't worry. get waist down to 43-45% of height then start a slow lean bulk

  14. does this really work guys?

  15. The only thing I am confused about is when you say 4 exercises per workout. Say for instance, if I am doing chest and triceps, do you mean 4 exercises including both muscle groups, or including each of the muscle groups? Could be a dumb question, but I am not 100% sure on that one. But this video is the best one I have found on this topic. Thanks a lot!

  16. M G says:

    I feel like these are great tips, but at 145 lbs and 1.25 carb per lb, 0.25 fat per lb and 1 protein per lb puts me at a calorie intake of 1625. This will make me further drop in weight. I burn around 2200, so being at 600 caloric deficit will make me lose down to 125lb and because I'm at deficit and not caloric surplus how do I exactly gain muscle? Can you explain this, because I already tried this for two month from 165 to 145 while maintaining the protein ratio and I just lost way too much muscle and stayed skinny fat. My current goal is bulk with 2600 calories, 45% carb, 30% protein and 25% fats, and a hard workout routine, because I found over last two months that cutting did not work for me?

  17. how many calories should i have everyday

  18. Scarde04 says:

    Hey just one question hope you answer or anybody answers, I calculated my total grams for all macros for the training days, and then I converted them to calories. The result was 1927 cal and my TDEE is 2840 due to my active work and lifestyle, so would that be enough calories for me to grow muscle because its significantly under my TDEE. Just so u know I weigh 172 at 5,9 21 years old.

  19. Scarde04 says:

    The answer to my prayers, im gonna try this step by step, and let you know the results.

  20. Troy, awesome video and no one else breaks it down as specifically as you have. Here's some of my questions/feedack from having tried the program:
    1) finding a meal program that will balance out the macros as you have laid them out is difficult (do you have another video on this perhaps?)
    2) should a skinny fat person be trying to maintain weight? if so, that would suggest your caloric intake should be around your BMI but I have struggled to find the calories
    3) 5×5 training program is awesome for hard gainers/skinny fat. I've seen results already.

  21. give a fuck of your belly and bulk. After that go for diet.

  22. You never talked about calories. Many people are wondering how much calories should they eat in a eat .PLEASE HELP TROY…!!!

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