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June 11, 2017
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June 11, 2017

Lesley Logan, author of Profitable Pilates, teaches the Pilates exercise ‘Side Kicks Prep’ on the Mat with a Ball at Westwood Pilates studio in Los Angeles, California. Subscribe for weekly videos. Find out more on her book at
Side-kicks with the Triad ball is a beginner/intermediate Pilates exercise. Set up for your side kicks (link is at bottom) but with your forearm propping you up. Place the ball under your side and do not rest on it. Then proceed to do your front/back, up/down and circles with the ball. Refrain from resting on the ball.
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Fine tune this exercise: maintain the lift in your underside obliques by not resting on the ball. Reach your top leg longer than your bottom leg to maintain a stack in your hips.
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