Shala Teaching: Mula Bandha Homework – Agni Sara 3 Sets of 5 Breaths Daily

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August 11, 2017
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August 12, 2017

Shala Teaching: Mula Bandha Homework – Agni Sara 3 Sets of 5 Breaths Daily

If you’re not sure what Agni Sara is or how to do it, click on the link to view a tutorial.

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  1. I like your openness and honesty in this class ("What? MY students?"… ha,ha, I do the same with my students in ESL….). With mulla bandha, I found it helped to isolate the perineum, and I did that by tightening just a bit all the muscles around it: buttocks, quads, lower abdominals. Not a total squeeze, just slightly. Now all that's left is the perineum, and I was able to sense it as it acted on its own. …. just a suggestion, maybe it will speak to one of your students….

  2. Uday Kiran says:

    You are so good. I think Bandha should be pronounced as Bun + "The" Bandhhaa. not as Da/Duh. |