Shakedown Hike at Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and Weight Challenge Result (1/1/17)

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June 10, 2017
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June 10, 2017

Shakedown Hike at Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and Weight Challenge Result (1/1/17)

My first prep hike for my 2017 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Also, I give the result of my December weight loss challenge.

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  1. I hope you reach your goals… A friend of mine asked me to go on a hike with her to Havasu Falls this fall and i've always wanted to see that place… I'm planning a few prep hikes myself and at the same time hoping it will be a weight loss journey for me also. I'm considered obese myself and hiking is something i've always wanted to do.

  2. Nice hike you should get a hammock as well

  3. Nice that you have the support of your brother and his kids….wow! You did great!

  4. YOU ARE A GREAT UNCLE (spending quality time with your Nephews) !

  5. Great Job! I for one am Proud of You! God Continue to Bless My Brother in Jesus !

  6. Hey buddy, great video. I enjoyed that GUMO scenery! Looks like yall had a great time. You should have seen my parents and I our first time at GUMO. We went to to Pine Top and had a rough go of it. Funny to look back on it now though! I'm heading back out there next month and can't wait. Good luck on your thruhike. I look forward to keeping up with it.

  7. Adam Young says:

    With the Enlightened Gear sleeping bag, that 35lbs should be down to 32.5lbs. On the AT, with the Sawyer you can drop down to just carrying 1 to 1.5 liters of water, which will drop another 4.4lbs off your total weight, down to 28lbs. If you can prioritize your remaining gear and get your total weight to around 25lbs (with three days of food) you'll be about as light as you can get.

  8. Wow, it is beautiful out there at Guadalupe Mtns. Thanks for sharing brother. And keep up the good work. -ATB Adam

  9. So inspiring! Just one step at a time to to the goal.

  10. hikehunter says:

    Hike on. You have the right mental outlook, you will do good. Have a great AT hike.

  11. Carakav says:

    I made my first thru-hike attempt in 2016, and I was also overweight (especially compared to the vast majority of the people I met on the trail!). I'm writing this to give you a heads-up on a hidden danger that I didn't expect and that killed my first attempt: plantar fasciitis! It's an extremely painful foot problem that can develop for many different reasons, one of the chiefs of which is weight! I felt really strong, and I loved every minute out there… but after 150 miles, it felt like I was walking on knives every time I started going downhill! I had to get off-trail just before the Smokies because a doctor friend warned me that if I kept pushing it, I could cause permanent damage to my feet! I'm heading back to the trail in 2018, with the goal of losing roughly 50 lbs by the end of this year (trying to go from the 280s to the 230s).

    Based on your video, I've got no doubt that you have the will and the strength, and you'll definitely like it out there… but you need to make sure you see a podiatrist before you head out!
    – Bring a tennis ball or some other lightweight ball to roll your feet on at the end of every day, so you can stretch the tendons of your foot. (there are other ways to do this, but this was the one that was recommended to me)
    – Take frequent, regular breaks that are long enough to allow you to take your shoes off and maybe give them a massage.
    – Have awesome shoes with good support!
    – I repeat: if you have not already, go to a podiatrist and tell them exactly what you plan to do!

    I had no history of foot problems before I went out, even after all of my prep walks and test hikes! It's another of the many unfortunate issues that big people like us have to deal with out there, and I hadn't even heard of it before I'd left!

    Good luck dude! Take care of yourself!

  12. Bear Bones says:

    I'm with you buddy. I plan to hit the trail April 9th. a few years back I was nearly 500 lbs. hike your butt off brother. you'll leave it behind you on the trail, right next to mine.

  13. Shane Lien says:

    What a great video! I didn't even make it half way through and I had to subscribe.

  14. Keep the positive mentality up. "Doing it" matters. Listen to you body, and don't push yourself into a slow and painful inflamed injury over repetitive daily abuse. Go at YOUR pace, but when your body tells you to go a little more carefully, then do it. You put it on 'one pound at a time' and you can steadily burn it off 'one pound at a time' .
    Read the Bible at random, meaning close your eyes with your Bible close, then put your finger on the edge of the Bible and open it. Then open your eyes and start reading. You'll be surprised how God can 'hit the nail on the head' by having you read 'what you need', 'when you need it', when you open your Bible at random and read at random.
    Sometime there's more clutter in your mind and in your heart, than the clutter you're trying to burn off. Reading the Bible can help to clear this out, and it'll give you real rest and allow you to sleep, if you read the Bible at random.

  15. keep it up man! ill be hiking the AT through PA all year hope to see you out there

  16. thanks for including us in your adventures. every step you take to improve yourself is a step closer to your goal. good work. keep the videos going.

  17. grumpy4577 says:

    Great job on the weight loss. What type of trekking poles do you use?

  18. ddhines42 says:

    Great job with the hike Paul!! Your fitness inspires me to want to exercise. I know I feel better when I do, its just finding the motivation to get started. I have arthritis in my ankles and feet problems so walking hurts me, but I know I need to walk past the pain. I gained 5+ lbs over the holidays, but I gave myself a break from the eating plan I was following for about a month. So easy to gain, so hard to take back off. Keep up the good work my brother!!!

  19. Emily C says:

    You should hike the AT! It'll be so life changing

  20. Looking forward to following your adventure

  21. lostagain says:

    I have a suggestion for your pack. If you don't mind fibbing to Osprey, you can email them and tell them you broke one or both of the buckles on the hip belt. They'll send you replacement buckles. Take those, get some wide webbing and make an extension to your hipbelt. I did that with one of their smaller packs that didn't fit me. Just a suggestion!. I know you're from here in Texas, and if you're from the DFW area, you can alternatively go to REi, take your pack and see if you can match the buckles on the hipbelt. If so, again get some webbing (thy can help you figure out where from) and again, DIY an extension to the belt. Love the effort you're making and wishing you good luck.

  22. Cleanshave says:

    Best of luck on your 2017 Appalachian Trail hike. Hope to see you out there.

  23. jason says:

    Well done looking forward to seeing your videos from the trail

  24. That is great man keep up the good work!!

  25. Just found your channel and subbed. Great job Sir! I applaud you. Keep it up!

  26. 1970351C2V says:

    Good luck on your adventure. Looks like you have a good plan and the right mindset. Definitely looking forward to watching your progress.

  27. i happend upon your vid as each year i look for people to follow on the AT.
    I to am on a weight loss journey. my high was 409 i had dropped to 316 then my gallbladder when kaput and i didnt eat hardly at all and dropped down to 280 i have since rebounded to 313 but i am active again, slow and steady is the course. seems the first 50 was simple and it seems to get slower and slower. but we keep putting one foot in front of the other and make progress.
    the AT will drop your weight provided you stay healthy so protect your knees and dont rush especially in the first few weeks.
    walking truly is the best medicine i feel so much better since the start of this journey that had many false starts

  28. Great going I'm looking at a may AT flip flop as well HYOH

  29. Amy B says:

    great job. happy new year! 🙂

  30. B Kaspar says:

    I'm just tickled by your progress and motivation!!! Keep it up. |