Standing Yoga Poses for Hips – Day 10 – The 30 Days of Yoga Challenge
June 3, 2017
THE best way to loosing fats in short time – How to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week
June 3, 2017

How to start running and running tips to make running easy and a quick way to lose belly fat. So if you are a beginner to running then this is how to start, and guess what it is not just running it is also about walking and doing mini HIIT workouts to help you run,as well as a clean diet and all these will help you strip off belly fat fast. Lucy xx

Follow These Ideas to Get Into Shape

Inadequate physical fitness can badly have an effect on you, both personally and emotionally. You need to do a great deal of your quest in order that you don’t significantly cause harm to your self hitting the gym. There are some tips listed below to assist you start out with a fitness routine that could do the job plus your goals.

Many people would like to increase their equilibrium. A wonderful way to do this would be to equilibrium on an unsteady work surface such as a furniture pillow. This will improve your equilibrium dramatically. Also you can add more some thing large such as a yellow pages, and transfer it from hand to hand to improve your equilibrium.

To maintain fit whenever you go out, park your car far away from the place you are attempting to access. For example, in the shopping center, instead of preventing to the nearest parking space, park your car outside in the distance. The jogging will assist you to keep your metabolic rate up and burn fat.

Physical fitness and health is emotional and not simply bodily, so do the best to… prevent the scales! Scales often frustrate men and women specifically should they be checking out it every day and discover no advancement. Many don’t realize that they are shedding weight and cutting fat but gaining muscle tissue as well and so the advancement isn’t as visible at the beginning. It’s recommended that you weigh up your self no more than twice each 30 days. In the beginning and the center of the 30 days in order to keep track of stuff for your physical fitness schedule.


  1. how often should i run a week and do hitt training can i run and do a hitt the same day … i assume not just asking

  2. Lucy I have a question! Can a women in her 50's real get toned….

  3. thank you for all your tips I want to lose belly fat and my knees hurt when I run do u have any other workout that can help

  4. This is just what i needed today. I've been running with intervals for 8 weeks and can't get past running for more then 3-4 minutes at a time. I was able to get to 5k today so super happy about that.

  5. Sara Caron says:

    This was a great video! It's like you know exactly where I'm at in life right now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm trying to learn to run after never doing it before, and am almost 7months postpartum. My hubs has just started the police academy and I'd like to be able to at least keep up with him a little bit!

  6. thank you so much mam this is really effective

  7. sun shine says:

    thank u so much lucy πŸ’˜ , please can u do a video of how to lose fat in calfs pleaaase i need it πŸ˜”πŸ’–

  8. Awesome advice Lucy πŸ™‚ running is the best !

  9. zz22 says:

    I can run 5K, do you have plan for how can i run 10K ?

  10. mhoney83 says:

    when i started running in september i loved it…i biked ran and walked before it snowed…now going into spring i wanna know how i would have a proper form…i find my left hip always hurts after…like the bone or muscle.

  11. I just purchased the book, is this a ebook? How can i have access to my purchase ?

  12. Dear Lucy, I've been running for quite a while now, but last 3 years I've been dealing with a very serious and very painful plantar fasciitis. I know I shouldn't be running no more even with my standing job, but I still want to do running with my pain, to lose weight. it's more helpful for me than cycling etc. is there a way I can keep running with my plantar fasciitis? I just don't wanna give up the running. xxx

  13. Thanks! I love your vids 😊

  14. Thank you! This is such a good video! Was just wondering, what's the speed difference between a jog and run? Xx

  15. deninikol says:

    Great tips! thank you so much Lucy for being the person that I needed

  16. I want to like running and I've tried a few times over the past couple of months, but I find that it just hurts my knees so much. Is there anything I can do to prevent this & make it easier? Will better shoes help?

  17. Julia K. says:

    it is so unusual for you to upload this late in the evening πŸ˜€ i'm very happy about this video though – my belly is the worst part of my body >.<

  18. I am stuck for how to loose my muffin top, do you have any tips?

  19. Thank you – you give me inspiration to continue everyday even when it gets tough xx

  20. morejemcam says:

    Love u so much Xxx |