When to Use the Smith Machine
August 13, 2017
How to Know Your Limitations
August 13, 2017

Rowing Machine

Though using the rowing machine has a very easy learning curve, set yourself up the right way so that you don’t waste your time adjusting your butt position or feet during max-effort interval bouts. No matter what type of machine you’re using, the seat will most likely be slick against your gym shorts or spandex. To fix this common problem, place a small piece of a more grippy, yoga-mat type material under your butt. This will decrease the chance of slipping mid pull. Also, take the time to get your feet strapped and secured into the footholds, as loose feet can lead to ripping Achilles to shreds and “leaking” force on every single pull. Focus on exploding back and pushing off dynamically with the lower body, driving the knees and hips into extension and keeping the core and torso solid to transfer lower body force and energy production into the arms and handle of the machine. Stay smooth with your leg drive and upper body pull and avoid overdoing the late range of motion of the pull with the arms, which will cause you to leak force and lose time that’s better spent crushing more reps. – Dr. John Rusin

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life By Following These Tips

The phrase fitness actually contains a number of significant ideas. These are generally physical exercise, nutrition and total well being. You are able to not only focus on one of those places when disregarding the others and expect to be completely match. This article will give you some tips on how to integrate the 3 subjects and also be in the best design of your life.

Boost weight-loss by boosting the denseness of your respective workout routines. Weight-reduction final results will enhance in the event you decrease the time period of your regular workout while maintaining (and even improving) the number of workout routines one does. Shortening the splits among physical exercise intervals or removing them completely can lead to “more dense” workout routines. You will observe the effectiveness since the body weight melts off of.

While you are performing repetitions of an physical exercise, consider counting backwards to the objective rather than forwards to it. It’s a mental secret. While you are centering on those large figures you often think it is difficult to do a lot more, when merely the opposing keeps correct if you are lowering your count. You may find those units that were difficult to get by way of are a little easier in this way.


  1. Really poor form. Do not follow this example.

  2. cnknguyen says:

    performed like a geriatric in a retirement home. Row like a man. Legs, back, shoulders, abs….

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