Rowing Exercise Challenge | Next Level 8-Week Challenge | Week 2

10min Dumbbell Belly Fat Destroyer Workout : Get 6 Pack Abs Fast
June 2, 2017
Before & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation
June 2, 2017

Rowing Exercise Challenge | Next Level 8-Week Challenge | Week 2

After this week’s challenge, you’ll have new respect for those rowing Olympians. Rowing is the only cardio that uses 80% of your muscles, including your heart, legs, core, and arms. Show us your row to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook by July 24 and tagging #mynextlevel @bodybuildingcom @cellucor.
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Every week, we’ll give you inspiring videos, vital training tips, tasty recipes, and chances to win weekly prizes. You’ll also get amazing deals available only to Next Level participants. Let’s do this!


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Helpful Fitness Tips to Get Into Shape

You think health and fitness is actually a girl’s point? You better think again. Fitness could help you get yourself a excellent physique, stay for a longer time and get good health. Acquire several hours weekly to physical exercise. These guidelines will allow you to find out what sort of workout routines that you can do, what equipment you want and the rest you must know.

If you are looking to grow muscle, make sure you try to eat beef. You should take in about four to eight oz . of beef every day. Beef, chicken breast, turkey, and sea food are some types of beef you could try to eat. By eating beef through the time that you will be looking to grow muscle, it is possible to get considerable muscle.

Consider the steps. If you utilize the steps instead of the lift or escalator anytime you will find the option, you receive a little-exercise. You shed 10 times as many calories whenever you climb the stairs as you may do by only ranking. Organizing to accept the steps when you can signifies committing to a in shape way of life.


  1. Will rowing help with bingo wings?

  2. Everything seemed pretty good apart from the over-compressing at the catch! Shins should be perpendicular to the floor (she is pushing more from her toes and its better to push through the heels and engage the glutes)

  3. Pierre C says:

    Wrong movements. Or how to ruin your lombar vertebras…
    Almost Everywhere you can see challenge or crossfit : means : insane, brutal, ego demonstration, looking for glory. They totally don't care/think about the future of your back.

  4. The gripping on the ore handle isn't very good

  5. damn this girl ist hot <3

  6. Ethan Chai says:

    Wtf is this? Absolute disgrace to rowing. Smh FOH

  7. hey how bout hiring some real athletes lol

  8. E.V.I.L says:

    and she cant row…..

  9. Bang Buset says:

    Shailene woodley?

  10. You're a legend Jay! Thanks mate. She is gorgeous!
    …and it happens to be one of the best rowing instructional explanations Ive ever heard after 26 yrs in the industry.

  11. I hate cardio but love doing 20 seconds max effort 20 seconds rest on these rowers for 20 mins. kills you!

  12. I hate cardio but love doing 20 seconds max effort 20 seconds rest on these rowers for 20 mins. kills you!

  13. good info you looked graceful with the movement

  14. Jae Hyun says:

    So what's her name?

  15. Go die. This is such a pathetic excuse for a "fitness / bodybuilding" channel

  16. some rowing coaches advise against the using of that much core. in long term you start to feel pain in your lower back.
    so be careful with the balance of the back forwards and backwards

  17. Jay says:

    too large of feet 210 would not bang senor

  18. Otuawan says:

    Challenge accepted!

  19. jakubek89 says:

    me 500m 1:24,5, good score ?

  20. The least alpha exercise

  21. J4ckCr0w says:

    Looks like it did not do much for her. And that back rounding, just plain no.

  22. nithin cp says:

    That watch though.

  23. Dylan Hale says:

    this girl is hot af

  24. Hassaan M says:

    Frank Underwood sends his regards.

  25. Jessie B says:

    Good explanation! So many people do this wrong…

  26. a quite useless without level, speed, times and distance…

  27. arm ZILLA says:

    My wife is tired of our treadmill and wants to invest in a rower

  28. Wei Jun says:

    The noisiest machine in the gym… I feel like an attention seeker when using this lol |