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August 12, 2017
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August 12, 2017


The varun mudra has so many health benefits, not only will it give you a clear complexion and heal scars, it is an excellent mudra for psoriasis and eczema!

Ideas to Improve Your Health and Get in Shape

“Exercise” really should not be a far-away aim you keep on a pedestal. There is no need to help keep putting it away. Luckily, getting fit will not need to require putting together your whole life right into a condition of chaos. You can start your fitness routine by studying quick and easy workouts in the post under.

Be sure you stretch out before and after all of your current workout routines. This will likely make sure that your muscle groups remain free and boost your versatility, letting you steer clear of injuries. The stretching at the start of the work out ought to take place right after a hot-up around 5 minutes, as your muscle groups will likely be hot and free.

As a populace we now have typically become slack. If your auto is certain to get us there, in a vehicle we go. An effective fitness tip would be to give up the rims and continue ft .. Maybe you should check out the service station a half mile away for whole milk, then you definitely ought to go walking. One additional concept would be to recreation area even farther away at locations just like the food store, and push yourself to go walking a number of yards. This will likely get a small amount of exercising in where well before there seemed to be not one.


  1. how many days to do get results on face acne and pimples

  2. ankita das says:

    in some vdo varun mudra is done only to touch the last finger..not to bend which method is correct..??

  3. kya ye sahi mein pimple remove kr dega kya

  4. Really nice. Thank you.

  5. hi…. i have lot of tinnitus probkem and hearing loss…. pls suggest me gud mudra please. its request.

  6. naive says:

    I am doing a mudra with a ring finger and a thumb ( I think it is called surya mudra) to lose the weight along with ling mudra.

    If I want to do this it will increase the weight right? So how should I do it so I won't gain a weight?

  7. I have excessive acne problem on my face and back…please suggest yoga for me…

  8. naive says:

    Do you have a fb page

  9. i am having so much pimples on forehead what can i do plz tell?

  10. superb mam I really try this

  11. Hi My skin especially my legs has become thick causing swelling and lumps . Will this mudra help ? Thanks

  12. Can i chant other mantras while doing this yoga mudra ?? Please please reply..

  13. ma'am we have to close ur eyes will doing this and doing breathing while doing this ma'am

  14. ma'am for glowing skin and for weight gain yoga ma'am plzz tell me

  15. Can stroke be cured with yoga?

  16. Can you please post some mudras to correct hormonal imbalance ?

  17. any mudra for hair regrow on bald head. please help me?? sister.

  18. psoriasis k liye konsi mudra

  19. it aint work ..donya wast ur time some one seen sum prove yet

  20. diabitis ke liye or arthritis

  21. ANUSHA ANU says:

    is this really helpful??

  22. ANUSHA ANU says:

    when should we need to do this mudra before or after eating

  23. ANUSHA ANU says:

    wat is pitta kapha vata

  24. Hi, really really interesting video! I'm PITTA=92, should I just do this every other day during my yoga session? Thanks for your knowledge!

  25. Thank you, I will definitely try it

  26. Er n says:

    Hi, whenever I do this mudra my hands feel physically hot. Is this a bad thing?

  27. I have vata dosha. can I do this mudra?

  28. It works… as I am doing since 6 months. Amazing….!!!!

  29. Disha Shah says:

    I have migraine which mudra is good for me

  30. i hav stretch marks on my there any yoga aasan to remove them?

  31. wait a second. i thought touching the back of the finger with the thumb reduced the element?

  32. Muhundan S says:

    I have a pitta body type so which mudra will be really beneficial for my skin  to get rid of acne and scars

  33. Thank you for this mudra, I want to clear my scars, and even my skin. I will used this one starting today. |