Quads How to Use Leg Extensions for Better Legs

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September 17, 2017
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September 17, 2017

In this video, I show you how i like to use the leg extension exercise to add muscle to my quads. If done properly, Leg extensions are an awesome exercise that will add inches of muscle to your legs. I’ve used them for years and experienced great results. If you learned anything from this video, Share it. Make sure you subscribe for updates. New videos are coming at you weekly. Thanks for watching, guys. Cheers.


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Get Fit and Healthy With This Advice

Willing to make physical fitness work for you? Terrific time to get going! Wait around, how will you do that, how will you get moving? Don’t worry, here are a few physical fitness tips! This collection of advice ought to give you the optimal amount of understanding and inspiration to make your own physical fitness schedule.

When on physical exercise it is recommended to have a working day of relax once weekly. During relax your muscle mass will grow and retrieve. To be able to have greatest results, your body needs its relax so it may be at whole prospective when you are training.

Never raise dumbbells for more than 1 hour. Should you continue picking up for virtually any more than that, the body will automatically switch on a natural shield device, which then causes muscle-wasting and exhaustion. Remain on a strict time restrict to avoid dropping what muscular mass you might have worked well so hard to gain.


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  2. Thanks alot kris for such informative videos really helpful i cant just thank you enough for the amount of hard work n efforts you are putting in to educate and train people to be their best self thank you kris God bless take care.

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