Perfect Full Body Yoga ♥ Detox & Digestion Flow

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November 15, 2017
Brutally Tough 15 Minute Home Body Weight HIIT Workout | Quick Cardio Workout to Lose Belly Fat
November 15, 2017

This 20 min yoga class is intended to work your whole entire body with a great focus on helping your digestive system. As we incorporate many different twists into this class, it will not only help you with any stomach sensitivities but also leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

Most twists directly affect the area below the ribcage where most digestion happens. Twists squeeze your liver which is your body’s most important detox player which in return will fire up an internal cleanup of all the junk we consume.

This is an amazing class to do along with some of our other fitness videos below. Try any of the fitness videos below first and then finish off with this 20 min yoga class and I promise it will leave you feeling cleansed and replenished! XO

Fitness Videos:

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Shot in Koh Wai, Thailand

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  1. Shooting this video was a dream come true… thank you all for appreciating it and inspiring us everyday to keep doing what we do! <3 If you want to help us keep this show on the road check out our online store:
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    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  2. do you give classes in kawaiii ?

  3. You are so beautiful🌸
    I am really glad that you make this videos. It helps me a lot to relax
    Greetings from Germany🍀

  4. Karolina says:

    This is the best practice to start my day. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Juliana x I do love all your vid x

  5. If the goal was to have as many poses as possible in 20 minutes, then you did it. I prefer a practice that focuses on breath and technique not a series of 40 different movements.

  6. You can slow the motion….

  7. So smooth flowing..Magnificent Bravo!!

  8. I love your videos, I have done many multiple times. This one though…the sequence is fantastic but too fast for the full benefit of the amazing postures you provide. Slow it down add time to hold postures and it would be golden!

  9. Baiyi Wu says:

    Feel better after this exercise. Will continue to practice this and other sets. Thank you !

  10. MJH says:

    Really enjoyed this class I Have been focusing on the Yin yoga classes, was definitely challenging finding my balance.

    Thanks Again

  11. Katie Ann says:

    I woke up not feeling the greatest and this made me feel much better! Thank you.

  12. Great practice! Good morning from Baltimore.

  13. Really good yoga class, but for my tastes a little bit too fast. Would be great to hold the postures at least for two or three breathes. The variation of the postures is perfect.

  14. 💜💛💚💙❤💜💛💚💙❤

  15. I swear this is a miracle for my digestion

  16. Iam sorry but this woman is really ugly. If you consider yourself not beautiful… just look at this woman…

  17. Your energy is beautiful. Thank you for the videos

  18. Taylor1909 says:

    What's the name of the background music in this video? Luv it! @bohobeautiful

  19. K W says:

    I really enjoyed this practice! Great pace. Thank you for making this video. I feel like this will definitely make a difference in how my abdomen feels. Great for working on my balance too.

  20. Beautiful flow ❤❤❤

  21. Jessica Li says:

    I loved it! thanks for posting this one! XXXX

  22. It's been asked countless times: what is the music that's playing??

  23. I love your videos so much. They help me calmn down, relax and sleep so much better. Thank you!
    Much love.

  24. Juliana and Mark, thank you for everything you two do for us! I am so happy that social media has such beautiful souls to follow ❤

  25. Svenja - says:

    I loved it, as usual. The poses are becoming easier and easier to do, with practice !
    Thank u so much for your job, you're both amazing
    Kiss from france ♥

  26. Pj Belton says:

    I have IBS and this sequence always helps eases my digestion ❤️ thank you

  27. I thought I was in pretty good shape until I tried this… entirely different worldl lol. I like it though

  28. Loved! Thank you, I think this is my favorite video yet (hard to say though because I love all your vids)!!! Thank You <3

  29. dear julianna thnx a lot i do it its amazing thnx a lot

  30. B TV says:

    Love this workout xxx

  31. great sequence! I did it outside in the heat and it made me sweat just a little….perfect for detox. thank you!!! namaste 😊

  32. @bohobeautiful very nice sequience and i realy like the music. May you write who is playing? 🙂

  33. My goal is gonna be to do that lunge twist

  34. I really enjoy practicing yoga with you but I agree with the other comments you do move a bit to fast for the practice to be relaxing. Instead of us changing our video speeds can you please accommodate the viewers by moving a little slower please! Keep the videos coming you inspire me everyday to live a happier life

  35. This is so helpful, my stomach doesn't hurt anymore and I feel the lightness. Blessings

  36. Watching this Video was a dream come true. You got me so excited about Yoga, had to watch it two times. Love the details. make more.

  37. Nice Class! Im sweating lol you are so hot BTW 😉

  38. Oh man too much beauty for this old guy. I got tension alright. lol

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