Open air Aerobics Session by Kaishiki Academy of Performing Arts and Fitness.

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September 16, 2017
Seated Forward Fold Yoga Pose Breakdowns
September 17, 2017

Open air Aerobics Session by Kaishiki Academy of Performing Arts and Fitness.

Kaishiki Academy of Performing Arts and Fitness is established by Miss Pranjali in the heart of Navi mumbai “CBD BELAPUR”
Kaishiki runs on Divine moto of spreading importance of fitness in the hectic schedule of Mumbai’s daily life & to show the way with one can stay fit 24×7. For this Kaishiki Academy conducts sessions for Aerobics & Yoga.
Kaishiki also runs sessions of Bhartnatyam, Tabla, Harmonium, Keyboard, Bhagwatgeeta with the love and passion for Indian Music, History & Culture. Also to promulgate this culture in talent of Navi Mumbai.
Kaishiki have its own custom made sessions combining best exercise out of all fitness forms, and distributed in 5 days of week, each day 1 hour session is conducted.
Miss. Pranjali , who conducts these sessions, is trained professional for Aerobics, Yoga and other fitness forms. She has completed Masters in Performing Arts (Bharatnatyam).
Miss. Pranjali is well known performer in Bollywood & Marathi movies as well as stage shows. She is working with many Renowned Institutions.
We welcome you all to join our Kaishiki Academy and make Joyful noise with us. Enrich your skills with versatility of our Indian music, history & culture. Stay fit with our exercises sessions.
Contact:- 8898914366

Note:- Other than background music (Thanx to composers of track), video is choreographed and recorded by Kaishiki Academy of Performing Arts And Fitness.

Shapely Ideas to Make You Fit

Physical fitness might be a lot of fun and there are numerous ways for you to possibly boost after your wellbeing or alter your appearance entirely. So no matter if you need far more strategies to make your self show up similar to what you would like or if you would like improve your health, take a look at the ideas in this post.

You can increase the chance that you just achieve your fitness goals if you are planning out and adhere to an everyday regimen. By performing a similar things with the exact same instances, you may get caught in a routine that is tougher to get rid of than to maintain. In this way your fitness regimen will become 2nd mother nature.

Many people believe working out to be difficult, but it should not be that way. There are many different ways to have fun while working out! Read on to learn some innovative ideas to spice up your exercise program.

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