My Weight Loss Journey – 100 Pound Challenge and Fitness Goals

10 Health Benefits of Rowing Machine [ Info graphic ]
June 4, 2017
Side Lying Double Leg lift Jessi FIT Pilates
June 4, 2017

Kayak Fishing for bass is my life and I am working hard to make it better by being a better me, better able to do what I do and better able to represent what we do to the world. Join me on that journey.



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Great Ideas for a Fitness Program

Do you think fitness can be a girl’s issue? You better think again. Health and fitness can help you have a fantastic entire body, live lengthier and have health and well being. Consider several hours each week to workout. These pointers will assist you to learn what type of workout routines you could do, what gear you require and everything you need to know.

While you are undertaking reps of your workout, try out counting in reverse in your goal rather than forwards on it. It’s a psychological strategy. While you are paying attention to individuals large figures you usually believe that it is extremely hard to do much more, whilst only the opposing contains accurate if you are minimizing your count up. You could find individuals sets that had been challenging by means of are a little easier in this way.

Every time a female will be going by means of the monthly period, workout will help reduce discomfort and pain. Since women’s hormones pizzazz up during the monthly period, they normally get stressed out. Workout aids reduce anxiety and stress. Additionally, it can lessen bloatedness within the stomach and assist with other water-preservation troubles a girl could have.


  1. This was great motivation. I was a 145lb. ultradistance runner who would go for three hour trail runs. Three years after some life events, I was 185lb. and struggled to run for 30 minutes. I am in the middle of my transformation back to where I want to be. Don't stop.

  2. Aj Lynn says:

    Hi Chad, I've been watching you for a while now. I just subscribed.  I did it not only to support your fishing but mostly as a way to help support you while you change your life.  That's what you're about to do.  In your video you mentioned that making the decision to do it was the hard part and no doubt it is a big deal, but what's ahead of you is no less serious.  I am truly pulling for you and I believe you already know this but it's not magic.  Your body, mind & spirit have been ready for this for a long time and they will collectively reward you with a better life.  Many will wish you good luck, I will not.  Because luck has nothing to do with it – it's about Honor, Respect & Devotion to yourself ..  ..  ..  ..  .. ..

  3. I believe what you are talking about is a life style change. I hear what you are saying it is not just about being healthy but being physically fit to do life the way you choose to do it.

  4. flat head says:

    awesome I am doing the same thing, good luck sir.

  5. regression says:

    Rooting for you, man!

  6. Good luck Chad, I started my 100 pound challenge in November and I'm down 30 pounds so far. You make some good points, most importantly it's got to be for yourself. I also want to improve my health, and what i've found is by just making better food choices and stay away from that second helping at dinner will really make a difference. I have my wife cooking smaller meals she was so conditioned to cooking for a family that she never adjusted to cooking for just the two of us now that were empty nesters. Being brought up not to waste food I'd naturally over eat so just not throw food away. Anyway, Good luck and great video.

  7. hello sir, good luck with your challenge, im in one right now, just wanted your opinion on my second kayak. I have a Old Town Vapor 10 and its been good to me but i want to move into a sit on top, Im looking into a Predator 13 or a Wilderness Radar, what do you think, i appreciate your opinion, thanks

  8. I'm Certified Personal Trainer. I'm available to help anyway I can! You got this!

  9. Started my diet after Christmas and I'm down 36lbs. Keto Diet

  10. Supporting you 109% Chad.

  11. First off, who is the fucktard that "disliked" the video?!?!?!Second, great video Chad and I wish you the best for your transition.Third, talk smack to Clay and he'll whip you into shape :)Best of luck bro!

  12. Way to go! I did the same thing in 2011 I lost 100 pounds. I did it with exercise and a good diet. I really hate to call it a diet I was just eating better. No crazy exercise either. Well it did get a little crazy as I pushed across the finish line. At 55 I feel and look better than I did in my 30s. It can be done and I will be cheering you on.

  13. As you said it's called feeling right, not right. @columbia1938 @kayakbassfishing, come on Chad send me a hat please.

  14. Good luck Chad and you WILL feel better if you drop the weight. My advice… cut out ALL processed food.

  15. Much respect to ya Chad.

  16. i would love to see a video of those military stretches.
    im having a hard time.for motivation to do it i love watching u on this journey.
    but i need to get back in shape for fishing but i jus cannot find the motivation i feel tired everyday no motivation and just bla feeling…
    how did u get past that stage?

  17. Good luck please keep us updated I'm with u bud trying to loose some weight too were about the same size and I need to also get back on the water so all the info on how u doing would help

  18. very nice, hope you continue

  19. keep it up Chad! I lost 60lbs several years ago and have felt so much better. I also fill more confident.

  20. Hey just wanted to tell you that I recently purchased a fishing kayak and your videos have been a huge help, especially all of the how to videos. I found your channel thru Flukemasters channel. Thanks for all the help! Keep them coming!

  21. Chad u r the man!

  22. Good Luck on your journey, You can accomplish anything, but you have to be realistic about what your goals and support group goals are capable of executing. All of my friends that have overcome obesity had to make it a family decision to live a healthy life. Chad you and your family can do this, You are doing a great job, Keep it up.

  23. Good Luck on your journey, we all know that you will make it. Can't wait to see the double digit bass too!! @kayakbassfishing @columbia1938

  24. Good luck on your journey!!! I will continue to watch for sure!!

  25. ive never really had weight issues but i was in a wreck a few months ago and between the time off and me cooking every day needless to say i packed on some pounds. im back to work now and am working on getting the weight back off. would you mind telling me just a general idea of what your diet has been in your process? ive lost 10 pounds so far just working but i really need to get a decent diet into my routine. would help with energy, weight loss, and everything that comes with that. thanks chad youre a huge inspiration.

  26. you doing it for the elk hunt right lol I'm kidding. I'm happy for you man

  27. Fatmeetsfire is also amazing for inspiration and info! Keep at it Chad!

  28. Sixgun 255 says:

    U said it, be happy with your self.

  29. Billy S says:

    Love it Chad!  Far too often I've seen people set big goals only to give up when they don't happen for them overnight.  You can tell how committed you are to this and how much you truly believe in it!  You are doing some great work and it truly is inspiring, I'm shooting to return to my college weight after seeing your videos.  And once you get down your #100 you will look even better in the #kayakbassfishing, #columbia1938 hats!

  30. what would you use for energy if not coffee? I've never cared for energy drinks or pop/soda but coffee gets me going.. only 1-3 a day but would like to stop

  31. Kyle Jones says:

    Seeing a bigger guy kayak fishing told me it is possible for me (285lbs). Seeing a bigger guy want to better himself to take kayak fishing farther is even more inspiring. Very motivated to do the same. Keep it up!

  32. gpb29 says:

    You and Gene getting healthy. That can only be a good thing…for you and us. Hang in there…tight lines…tighten the belt. Thumbs up, Chad.

  33. Great video. Great motivation.

  34. I've joined in the journey, in fact at Bienville last weekend I brought a pair of jeans to wear and I had to borrow a zip tie to pull two belt loops together because I didn't realize my pants didn't fit anymore. I'm down 25 LBS and counting. It's good to be accountable to the Weigh in Winsday page on Facebook. good stuff!

  35. acnjshink says:

    Big Dawg,

    Once you drop that #100 I still will be able to call you that. I’ve been joining you on the Kayak Bass Fishing journey for the last nine years and with you making these changes hopefully it will be another sixty more. You have always represented the Kayak Fishing world with the upmost respect these changes will allow you, Mrs. Kristie and the kids to enjoy a long Kayak Bass Fishing life together. Keep doing what you’re doing I’m proud of you brother #100 Pound Challenge. You can’t make a difference in someone else’s life until you make a difference in yours #kayakbassfishing, #columbia1938 as always, it’s a good look.

  36. 1.That quality is fire, 2. I'll be supporting you man! Stoked for you.

  37. Tdg0101 says:

    Great talk Chad. Challenge Accepted.

  38. Get it man! Proud of ya!

  39. Looking good and very inspirational.

  40. One I picked up years ago was "Happiness is just the temporary remission of pain."

  41. Rod Lemons says:

    I'm in,wish me luck !

  42. hey chad, wish you the best. I started to do the same about 3 months ago. and as you said it gotta to be for yourself. well good luck and wish you more adventures and tight lines.

  43. hey Chad, great motivation.
    Also Audio issues possibly with your mic?? while listening with headphones the intro was coming out of both the left and right side. when it came to talking audio was only coming out of the left earphone. hey maybe it is me. just wanted to share.

  44. I wish you the best on your journey. My son lost 180lbs on his own with no surgery and it has made a world of difference in his life and the way he approaches it. God Bless and good luck!

  45. Awesome video chad! you have been an inspiration to so many in a kayak and it is awesome to see how much you inspire people outside of a kayak too! changes within ones self are the toughest to accept and execute. you are showing your strengths and discipline. Although I do not need to lose weight, you have inspired to me to get back in shape and take my health more seriously. I quit smoking partially due to the motivation for better health that you promoted. it was not the main reason, but it gave me that extra push that was needed for sure. THANKS for all you do and will do hoov!

  46. Awesome video Chad.

    I started my journey on the 2nd of January. I've never done a diet or eating program before, and I've set out on the keto diet. There's some great info on YouTube about it. Goodybeats is one of the many keto channels I enjoy. So easy to follow this diet. I've got tons of energy, workouts are better, my blood pressure is lower, and I've lost 20 pounds this month. I have about 35 lbs to go. Like you, I'm doing this to feel better about myself. I'm tired of feeling lazy while my fit wife runs circles around me. So far, I feel much better.
    I'm hoping to be ready to chase some small mouth bass on Lake Erie this summer. Getting in shape should also make it a little easier for me to throw my 70-some odd pound Vibe Seaghost on top of my car, as well.

    Good luck in your journey. I look forward to keeping track! |