My Fat Burning GYM Routine (Treadmill Interval Running)

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June 5, 2017
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June 5, 2017

My Fat Burning GYM Routine (Treadmill Interval Running)

♥ A lot of you have been wondering what I do in the GYM. Here’s my Fat Burning Gym Routine in an hour! READ below for more info.
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♥ Joanna is a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach (VN).

Don’t be intimidated by the weight section. Take this workout and practice it in the gym. =)

Here’s the workout sequence –
Warm up: 5 – 10 mins
Superset 1: Goblet Squat / In & Out Jumps
4-Minute Incline Interval Running
Superset 2: Bent-Over Row to Deadlift / Push-up & Twist
4-Minute Speed Interval Running
Superset 3: Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press / Bench Dips
4-Minute Incline Interval Running
Superset 4: Half V Tucks / Spiderman Plank
4-Minute Speed Interval Running

*Each Superset: 8 Minutes, 8 Intervals (45secs Workout – 15secs Rest)
*Rest for 1 minute between each transition

Total Time: 1 hour
Estimated Calories Burned: 450 – 550Cals
Best Results: Do this workout 2 to 3 times weekly on alternate days
Perform moderately intense workout on other days.

*You can perform the treadmill cardio training on other machines such as stepper, cross-trainer, row, bicycle etc.

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A Guide to a Better Body

Getting into good shape is not just about getting healthier. Should you established oneself very good fitness goals and prepare a fitness plan that appeals to you, getting into good shape can be exciting and satisfying, and also useful to you. This post will provide you with a couple of handy suggestions to provide you with on your way to a fitter, more joyful lifestyle.

Walking is a great exercise. Walking is easy to complete practically anyplace and the majority of everyone can undertake it. Walking may help raise the metabolic rate. It can also help to decrease blood pressure level and heartbeat amount. Walking is also fantastic to strengthen your muscle mass and enable you to shed excessive excess fat.

You ought to keep a record of all the energy you’re ingesting on a daily basis. It’s a very important factor to determine to get into condition, but tracking your diet program also requires a toll in how fast you obtain suit. You need to work hard at entering into condition by doing exercises both your body and regulating your eating routine.

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