My Approach to Cardio, LISS & Fat Loss

Yin Yoga Backbends (with Cleo) – Yin for Spine Flexibility & Open Shoulders 45 min
June 21, 2017
How to Lose Belly Fat Fast with Easy Exercise Tips | My Secret Exercise Tips
June 21, 2017

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Time-Tested Advice for Becoming Physically Fit

Remain healthy for a long time by adding exercise into your everyday living. You don’t must invest several hours on the exercise a few minutes put aside each day is ample. This article below provides you with some very nice advice to utilize in your daily exercise.

For max swim education, focus on boosting your foot overall flexibility. Adaptable ankles make for much more fin-like actions under the sea and thus get you to swim much quicker. To help your overall flexibility, stay without shoes on to the ground together with your legs outstretched and your heels on to the ground. Position your toes straight out then back again once again toward your shins. Accomplish this for around one minute a day.

Exercise won’t feel like a punishment if you choose workouts that you enjoy. The secret to keeping fit is having fun while doing it, and this article will help you do just that.


  1. What is the best workout for fat loss ? LISS ? Or HIIT ? 🤔

  2. Some History but heres my question: I was once an elite gymnast, which I have been retired from for many years. I am now over weight and out of shape. Although, becoming out of shape was a result of attending law school, lack of time and energy, now that I have completed school my goal is too get the body back I once had. Nonetheless, I mention my gymnastics history because over the years gymnastics has resulted in bad knee problems. I follow a program at home, a hybrid, consisting of Body Beast and P90x3. I have a full weight set that goes beyond the max of my lifting abilities and I have just began to follow this program, so far I love it, but my knee problems have been making it difficult to stay motivated to do any cardio. If it were up to me I would eliminate cardio altogether and just life weights. I have been on a strict diet, low carb high healthy fats, so I know I will lose the fat. On the other hand, with doing cardio I feel more agile and solely lifting weights does not seem to do that for me. My current schedule is 3 days weights (Body Beast) alternating 3 days of cardio (p90x3). I don't know what I should do for the best results? Should I decrease cardio to 2 days a week and increase weight lifting by an extra day or eliminate cardio and rely on weights and diet, or suck it up and do what I have been doing. My fear is that I will lose motivation to workout altogether, if cardio hurts so much, though p90x3 cardio is only 30 min and has great results with agility, but I really really hate cardio, honestly, but I know how important it is to do and can feel the difference when I don't do it. I want the best results I can possibly get because this is long overdue. Any advice? Sorry for the long explanation for a question…if you read this…well thanks a bunch!!!! What would you advise?

  3. Should you do cardio if you're a hard gainer?

  4. Ellie Bee says:

    I have a photoshoot on Sunday and I need to get really lean what would you suggest I should do. I have been taking the ketogenic approach and it's alright but I don't seem to be as lean as I would like to be. I also exercise every day. Upper body one day Lower body another.

  5. Love your videos mate top class! Where did you get those jordans by the way?

  6. If i could look 50% as good as this guy i would be a happy man

  7. Good advice mate, thank you.

  8. Man move to LA .. fuck that .. fuck !!

  9. Fuck that shit .. facing a fuckin wall doing cardio is F depressing !!!! Thks God I always faced the center of town ^^

  10. Ani Wenger says:

    Helpful info. Love the excitement for fitness that he has , not crazy about the army hairdo.

  11. 0:40 … 15 quid a month …. My gym here on a student price is 23 quid a month :/ Looks like I ought to be finding somewhere else haha

  12. Nice watch Mike..can you tell me what brand is it?

  13. literally a brick wall haha

  14. Swalwell gym, cushty! where did you live in Newcastle?

  15. i like your comment on the chasing of the ladies that make me laugh …good on ya bro , and yes i know you now anyway that you chase the ladies but at the same time you respect them …

  16. Repeated clicking at 3:32.. not sure what that was Mike but it was very entertaining

  17. KC Lau says:

    Mike , do a vid on how to solve uneven muscles. I'm a right hander so naturally my right is slighter bigger..

  18. I love the nazi haircut, he looks great, that is all the style over here in Germany these days, I want one myself but my wife won't let me ..

  19. Do you walk??? Like with the inclination?

  20. cSkyHigh says:

    yo make a hairstyle tutorial man

  21. How many centuries will it take for a physical like yours?

  22. Is that 3000 calories burnt in an hour

  23. Thanks for sharing and honesty!

  24. Adilah K says:

    You are fine as hell omg

  25. dduplis says:

    you don't like being rammed up the arse….lol….love the facial expression when you said that. Ha!!

  26. peanut1315 says:

    OMG 😩😍👌🏾

  27. Jon Robles says:

    lmao Mike i enjoy watching your videos bud. but WTF?? 3:32 had me dying your the best m8 😀

  28. bro you had me laughing like crazy at 3;32 , watched it like 3 times lol

  29. Ben Ghaith says:

    Try a Ketogenic diet, man it's amazing! No mood swings, no fatigue, no hunger, no dizziness, and speaking of fat burning; man it's 24/7, and protein synthesis is 24/7…

  30. C2FUX says:

    swaps them for an identical pair hahaha

  31. What the hell happened at 3:32?

  32. what kind of jordans are those?

  33. michaelv5 says:

    "One of my gym memberships" ?! lol, how many do you have?

  34. Y Fish says:

    Mike, could you please briefly summarize what kind of cardio you do when you are bulking, vs maintaining, vs cutting? Thanks!

  35. What's your stats m8?

  36. I find your videos more helpful than anyone else's I watch.

  37. Evan Terry says:

    That brick wall is just depressing

  38. Joel L says:

    You rock Mike!!!
    Such an inspiration! |