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October 12, 2017
Carb Cycling For Fat Loss
October 12, 2017

Here’s an MMA HIIT workout for fat loss utilizing MMA combos on the heavybag, thrusters with a straight bar, high knee punches, and a chest grappling drill.

Going as hard as you can, alternate 15 seconds of intense training with 15 seconds rest as you make your way through all 4 stations. Take a 30-60 second rest and repeat 3-6 times. You can increase or decrease the intensity by safely adding weight, increasing your speed, or using more advanced versions of these exercises.

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Fitness Suggestions Everyone Should Try

Getting fit is not only about obtaining healthier. In the event you establish oneself good workout goals and strategy a training system that appeals to you, getting into good shape can be entertaining and pleasant, along with useful to you. This short article will offer you a couple of handy suggestions to send you on your way to a fitter, happier way of living.

A fantastic health and fitness tip is to carry out front side leg squats. Including front side leg squats to the routine is a great way to focus on your quadriceps in different ways than typical leg squats. All you could do for the front side squat is set the nightclub using the dumbbells from your collarbone, in front of your neck.

When you are performing weight training for health and fitness, choose a good body weight that challenges you. The correct body weight will enable you to carry out about ten to a dozen repetitions of your physical exercise movement prior to grow to be too tired to accomplish it again. Too heavy and you also chance trauma, too light-weight and you also won’t acquire optimum take advantage of your training session.


  1. Lol that chuckle when throwing same arm w high knees. Good job though!!

  2. +fightTIPS how is stuart doing rn man?

  3. Hi Shane . i'm 20 year old with a 70 kg of weight please tell me some routine for burn my fat faster

  4. Can it just be station 4: hugging?

  5. Mister X says:

    Will everyone shut the fuck up trying to be positive saying stuff along the lines of leave him alone, at least he's trying, nobody has even took the piss out of him ffs.

  6. if i do this two days a week, can i hit the gym 3 days for normal weightlifting?

  7. thekenner says:

    Props for letting everyone see him outta shape. Keep it up, dude.

  8. Hancox 45 says:

    Im not gonna lie the man just fuc* the ground… but keep it up train more👍

  9. Do basic workouts for 30 minutes for boxing for weight loss

  10. Hey man, you said at 4:40 to keep the muscles in the face relaxed, is there a particular reason to it?

  11. why you have to have "muscles in your face relax"?…..

  12. O J says:

    Heck his pace is just like mine! Feel better about my start!

  13. The camera work in this video was really good.

  14. Shane any substitute for the under hook part, i have no partner cause i have no friends, cause everyone is competition.

  15. MikeCAE says:

    Shane i really think you should get an advanced watch or a timer. xD…

  16. snoopdobbs says:

    to add to the workout when doing the kicks would be a good idea to add a thrusting push-up like in more punching power video? down thrusting push-up, up to kick the bag.

  17. Look at all these keyboard tough guys. Makes you feel better about yourself putting this man down? You know only an insecure pussy does that. And that's what you are. Every last one of you. Makes me laugh so many bitches on here

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