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June 18, 2017
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June 18, 2017

Martial Arts Fitness Circuit Training
Wing Chun martial arts master teaches advanced circuit training with athlete Samul Ericson. Real Martial Arts master teaches no gym required resistance exercises for fat loss, health, fitness, cardio, push up, squat, jumping jack, six pack exercises. Circuit workout training from home with Samuel Ericson and Martial Arts Master Master Wong wing chun.

Pro Fitness Athlete & Fighter Samuel Seung Chan Ericsson
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Master Wong – Wing Chun Master
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Use These Tips to Get Fit

“Physical fitness” should not be a remote aim you continue with a pedestal. There is no need to hold putting them back. Fortunately, getting fit will not need to require tossing all of your daily life into a status of mayhem. You can start your fitness program by studying quick and easy routines through the article beneath.

As a way to maximize your jogging fitness, make sure to allow yourself a break each about 6 weeks or more. This will likely enable your entire body to recuperate and assistance to avoid trauma. Within this crack week, it is best to not sleep fully, but to reduce the workload by 50 %.

When you are an ordinary athlete make certain you change your jogging personal trainers a minimum of each 500 mls. Should you don’t change your personal trainers if the soles have worn out, you will certainly be jogging within an unstable fitness instructor which can lead to joint injuries and leg soreness. A worn out sneaker only could also increase the risk for bottoms of your toes being included in lesions and challenging crusty callouses.


  1. I like martial arts is fun and sometimes easy to Do in a combat situation

  2. I thought the video was in a fast forward mode..then I realized how fit the guy is 😅✌🏻

  3. please make a video that how to use nunchaku

  4. Master Wong, he said to do 4 reps of each. But how many rounds should I be doing? Obviously add more reps as I get better at it, but what would you recommend to get a great workout done?

  5. This is exactly what i need every morning. Thank you for sharing it 👍

  6. fucking thai advertising 12 sec!

  7. m al says:

    very good samuel…great are strong…

  8. m al says:

    good karma here…

  9. m al says:

    wow thats fast training ….remember it old skool jkd…same..but never forget the slow to….thai chi.

  10. SUNNY says:

    so crazy guys :D:DD wooofffff

  11. voyant says:

    this is awesome

  12. master wong is gas man

  13. this is the best training videos. Thank you master

  14. Sean Kent says:

    Master Wong,

    I've been having issues with my basic horse stance in Choy Li Fut because of hip displacement issues. I'm finding the style very difficult to learn, and am worried that I'm damaging my body in my attempts to advance it. I've already invested a large sum of finances in a school that teaches Choy Li Fut, and would love to eventually get the basics of the style down. What advice do you have for someone with physical handicaps or inhibitions when learning a martial art? What style do you think is best suited to protecting joints during practice?

    Sean Kent

  15. anybody that Fucks with ya are gonna be in a whole shut or trouble lol

  16. Jbessette says:

    This circuit would make an excellent tabata routine

  17. jeez takes me back to circuit training…20mins of high intense workouts without a rest inbetween certainly will make a person fit..calasthetics i.e. using your body as a weight is pretty don't need to pay out money each month to get fit..just do that for 20mins lol..then cry 😂😂😂

  18. youre enhlish always gets me weak

  19. em…remind me not to fuck with tht dude

  20. xpela100 says:

    name of the firts song, in the intro of the video.

  21. xpela100 says:

    what a badass intro, I love it ahah you need do a video only you fighting

  22. Brain Rush says:

    work hard or you are going to get a problem

    that applies to all aspects of life

  23. lol, hälsningar från sverige! grettings from sweden! love ur videos man! u just earned a new sub!

  24. Master Wong I like watching your videos..

  25. Master Wong, i was wondering do you have any tips or exercises that can increase energy? I sometimes suffer from fatigue and find it hard to do fitness training when feeling tired

  26. I think those moves are useful BUT, I just don't like punching and kicking into air because I feel you might overextend and hurt your arms or legs. I think it would be BETTER to do these moves on a heavy bag so at LEAST if you are punching and kicking against RESISTANCE, you will get STRONGER and also prevent unnecessary injury IF you punch and kick the heavy bag correctly.
    YOUR thoughts Master Wong?

  27. Sir I want to take martial art training and want to complete my karate course but here not good teacher.what can I d

  28. cap 10 says:

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  29. Die Kante says:

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