Machine Q&A 30 | Blasting and Cruising, Cutting with Carbs, Optimal Sleep

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July 18, 2017
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July 18, 2017

Machine Q&A 30 | Blasting and Cruising, Cutting with Carbs, Optimal Sleep

Drew Harrison What can I do for nerve pain in the hand (palm and back of hand) while lifting? It just started a few months ago. Been lifting consistent for 12 years. Nothing super heavy, but I can’t go over ~75% max. Most pain on barbell work. I don’t want to take ibuprofen because I think it prevents gains…

Derek Wythe Blasting and cruising im cruising as of right now but experiencing lots of fatigue just wondering if the intensity of training should stay the same which is 2 days on 1 off while I cruise?

Nick Larson What are your thoughts on cutting at relatively decent carb intake (200g+) if calories are in line? Can you get incredibly lean and/or dry doing that or am I doomed to low carb when I want to shred?

Not asking from a sustainability perspective but rather a temporary cut to get really lean perspective.

Bill Pickens I’m 45 year old . Had 3 heart surgeries. Had my last one in June of last year . In August I could not bench 95 lbs . Last week I put up 335 lbs . .So I have made some great gains for the last 9- 10 months . But I have hit a wall . The gains have stopped .I have been doing the same thing no changes .
Any ideas to help ? And why this has happened?

Justin Werner How much does carb intake affect the intensity of Vasky?

James Janssen Next gainz tour in australia

Chris Vaughan Absolutely love all the MTS products!!! Are fats essential to putting on size or can you go with a high protein, high carb, lower fat diet? Thank you for all your knowledge!!

Frankie McGovern Hi Marc just wondering how many hours of sleep are optimal? I find myself stressing about sleep because so many article say 7 to 9 hours is optimal for muscle growth and repair. How true is that? I always strive for 8 and if I don’t get it I feel like that I am missing out on recovery however my recovery is great especially with mts and ambrosia. Sometimes I wake up on my own and it’s been less than that does that just mean I’m fully rested? Obviously life doesn’t always permit 7 to 9 hours is it really that bad to be under that range? I ask this as I know you are the machine and sleep obviously isn’t stopping you from making gains. If you could clear this up for me that would be awesome thanks!

Thomas Gregory Hines Marc Peak Physicor is money. How frequently do you or would you throw in a session with “deep water” training? E.g. Squatting, deadliftig, benching until you almost pass out or die and go to heaven? I can’t wait to try stacking insurgent with Peak Physicor.

Alexander Chris I have lower back and hip pain constantly. Recomendations that i can do myself?

Victor Ornelas Hey Marc. Thank you for everything you do.
Question regarding sleep:

Do you have any tips on how fall asleep faster?
I find myself just laying in bed for hours and have trouble falling asleep.
Do you have a sleep routine to make you sleep faster?

Eden Chan Hi marc thank for the hard works you put in. currently i was on intermittent fasting and was wondering is it possible to take apple cider vinegar in the morning along with it on a empty stomach? Cheers!

David Biren Getting ready for a photo shoot and other than grooming and tan, what pointers would you have for looking my best? has a ton of products for contest prep. Recommendations?

Frankie McGovern What are your thoughts on Mike mentzer with Dorian Yates and advanced heavy duty training

George Hadder Have you personally tried your new formulated ruckus yet? Curious on your view compared to the new clash

Jonathan Sosh Hey man, What are your thoughts on beet juice as a nitric oxide booster and overall health supplement?

Randy Lee Baker Hey Marc, I’m aware that in other videos that you’ve made the suggestion to just hit one body part per week. That being said, do you think there is any merit to training body parts twice a week to take advantage of muscle protein synthesis? Currently, I’m working through the “tried and true” Bro-Split routine, but the topic of muscle protein synthesis has recently sparked my interest.

Tadd Dwyer Hey, I dropped over 100 pounds a year ago and have been since putting on muscle. Whenever I eat more than 200-2400 calories I notice significant weight gains and my very hard worked for 6 pack starts to dissappear. How can I increase my metabolism so i can eat more food throughout the day without it turning to fat? While dieting i ate 1200 calories or less so my body became efficient at using fewer calories throughout the day. Can i teach it to burn more calories as fuel??? Please help. I’m hungry

Nate Glover Marc-Dawg. What are you thoughts on “over-hydration?” Read an article recently stating if your pee is clear is isn’t optimal because you are over hydrated and flushing nutrients and electrolytes from your body. I aim for 2 gallons per day because I feel the best drinking that much. Thoughts?

Getting Fit Is So Easy, Anyone Can Do It

No matter if it’s ridding yourself of love deals with or putting on muscle tissue, physical fitness depends mostly on two things: diet and training/hitting the gym. This informative article contains tips that will assist you handle these two major factors of physical fitness. Hearing them will allow you to on the road to getting your dream physique.

In order to increase your running physical fitness, be sure to allow yourself an escape each 6 weeks or so. This will likely let your physique to recoup and assistance to prevent trauma. In this bust 7 days, you need to not sleep completely, but to cut the workload in half.

If you are running short distance, go speedier than you usually would. This will likely enhance your running type and make your own muscles a lot less susceptible to injuries. If you are running much longer distance, it is important to run at the stead tempo. Jogging too quickly for too long distance might cause injuries.

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