Low Intensity Steady State Cardio | Optimal For Fat Loss & Burning Calories

How to Start Working Out – Ep. 4 – LAT PULLDOWN
June 30, 2017
June 30, 2017

Low Intensity Steady State Cardio | Optimal For Fat Loss & Burning Calories

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Shape Up Easily By Following These Recommendations

Physical fitness is not merely a point of health, but of psychological and mental wellness. Training your mind by discovering new stuff and training your whole body with aerobic exercises, is very important for optimal health. Look at this article for easy methods to keep fully match, in and out, to get a more healthy way of living.

For the greatest is a result of your excess fat education exercises, make sure to limit them to not more than 60 minutes. After you’ve determined for 60 minutes or lengthier, your whole body begins making more cortisol. This pressure hormone can block producing testosterone and lead to muscle tissue losing.

A monotonous workout routine can quickly become boring. This boredom can prevent you from being successful. Change your exercise routines monthly or even weekly; this prevents boredom from setting in and always leaves the door open for exciting new possibilities and interests. When you keep your interest high in exercising, you will remain motivated. It is important to keep motivating yourself with your exercise routine. Try your best not to quit, because it is hard to get started again.


  1. awesome video!! so helpful!

  2. What heart rate do you do cardio at or is it just how you feel

  3. The best thing to watch while doing cardio is this channel!!

  4. I prefer long steady state cardio for sure now…,, Iam 44 been doing cardio 6-7 days a week since 15,,, but made big mistake trying HIIT cardio 2 1/2 yrs ago, to save time, usually before it was daily 35-45 min. jogging light ,slow pace indoor track or treadmill, great results… but i tried the hiit thing thinking to save time with a intense 15 min workout…big mistake!!.. i pulled a muscle or something in my legs,, mornings it was so painful to get out of bed…this kept me from doing any workout for 2 weeks….crazy me i didn't learn my lesson, I tried hiit again.. same thing , now 8 days no exercise…from now on I'll find a way to make time for 35-45 min workout, far better than trying heal from pain.

  5. javy sto says:

    Great vid I think you should do some Zumba lol 😂

  6. penyou says:

    What if I want to do slow steady cardio on the days I dont lift? Will the treadmill with high incline affect my muscles?

  7. Thanks Remington! You rocks!

  8. How many minutes should a nurse do? Typically when I am at the hospital, I get at least a 5 km every shift, just walking/jogging on the unit, going back and forth between rooms and nursing station.

  9. gigator39 says:

    The bike at my gym has resistance settings. Put it on 14-15 and you'll feel it. The bad ones are just momentum though.

  10. Brian Kwak says:

    Watching this made me think that hating cardio is more of an attention span thing.

  11. keep up the good work bro. Your channel has been growing fast. keep it up!

  12. NoRefunds says:

    Hey Rem, was wanting to get a cardio device for home and was curious what model Schwinn do you use at home, is it the 430?

  13. Love the videos. I'm just getting back to the gym after a couple years now and have been getting more serious on working out again and my nutrition. Do you have an email I can email you some questions?

  14. hay James my name is Guadalupe Garcia I'm 52 yrs old and I went from 237 pounds down to 193 pounds and I'm still trying to lose more weight my goal is 175 pounds or better . I've watched a lot of your videos and you inspired me my brother and I like to say thank you man I use the elliptical trainer I put that sucker up to max resistance and I do 40 min on it on fat burn mode and wow I burn a lot of calories that way it works for me and I love it along with intermitted to burn even more fat fasting. what I like to ask you is when you do cardio and can you do weights  after that or is it cardio and strength training please tell me is I'm doing some thing wrong

  15. How many Calories do you suggest for fat burning in your Cardio sessions?

  16. narrowind says:

    So just going through all your videos since you hit 25k subscribers and found this. I am so going to be following these tips. I hate running so the incline on treadmill is going to be my new routine.

  17. great video. thank you!!!

  18. weiwei6969 says:

    how much cardio do you recommend for being skinny fat who trying to get masss? thanks!

  19. R. G. says:

    Hey Bro do you do 40 min each on the tredmill, eliptical, stair stepper, and the bike or you do one 40 min session on one of thoes ?

  20. Tim Park says:

    when you're doing the treadmill do you think it matters if you are holding onto the bars or display while you are walking at incline?

  21. Iron Man says:

    Hey bro great vid. Just wondering, do you do your cardio after your weight session or do you split your cardio and weights?

  22. Jill says:

    Is is better to do cardio on a empty stomach?

  23. Loved your video, i am just starting out my weight-loss journey to try and lose 170lbs. i have a gym membership and am not scared of people and looks, what has been the biggest challenge is the equipment and how to use it to my advantage, all i know is treadmill and do the incline and have a good heart rate number.. anything else im not sure about or my knees cant handle it.. but this video helped me a lot on things to do other than a class. thank you!

  24. kinggo99 says:

    would you recommend jogging after a workout as a good way to drop body fat? or stick to low intensity? or a mix of both? while still keeping muscle apparently.

  25. Sweet video buddy just got back off holiday need some of this haha! Will implement! , also what's the song/beat near the end in the background , sounds good 👍🏻💪🏻💯

  26. I run 3 miles on the elyptical on Level 11. Then I ride the bike for 14 miles, first mile Level 11, then I turn it up to Level 14 for the rest of the 14 miles (so for 13 miles). You say it doesn't work, dude on Level 14 it does I can tell you that. I watch my heart rate and make sure I'm at 150 to 170 the whole time and I push myself every so many miles. There are literally puddles of sweat on the ground after it's really nasty but I've lost a ton of weight this way. I think though I will start doing more elyptical and see if I can get better results. Yeah if you do the bike with hardly any resistance it's a for sure waste of time.

  27. Tyber Zann says:

    Interesting, I'm going to try this out to warm up before a lift

  28. Lili Gutti says:

    you pick one per day right for 40 min not every machine

  29. Yeah I'm just like you when it comes to cardio I try to stay away from running on the treadmills. I usually use my Elevation Training Mask 2.0 and go for a 30 – 45 min walk with the incline up and speed from 3.5 or 4.0..

  30. also try doing this without touching the arm bar. it's harder

  31. Another great video thank you but what if your super broke and have no money for gym and you have weights but would 40 minuites walking outside be okay ?

  32. Another Great Video bro!!!! I used to weigh over 400 lbs. Lost 145 lbs on doing this type of cardio. At first I couldn't do 2 mins on an eliptical machine But I challenged myself to eventually work my way up to 1 hour. Feeling great and trying to live healthy.

  33. San Atha says:

    I always see people recommending HIIT cardio for optimal fat loss at like 10-15 mins per session. Things like sprints. What are your thoughts? Have you just always done steady state?

  34. Thanks so much, I have been doing all 3 minus the bike. I do Zumba at the gym that is cardio in class form. Maybe some people are in to this as well.

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