Losing Fat | Treadmill Interval Training (new prouduct alert)

Chest & Shoulders [Mobility Training for Weightlifters]
June 10, 2017
Hip & Buttocks exercise – HIP flexor – thigh exercise for woman: Hip extensions, bent knee
June 10, 2017

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Treadmill Interval Training
Hey hey guys this was a awesome HIIT workout. I want you to try this routine over the wkend and start doing this at least twice a week. Try to do this routine 4 time straight ! CHALLENGE YOURSELF !!!
The workout :
Run 2-3 mins (high speed)
Plank rows
Mountain climbers


Run 2-3 mins (high speed)
Tricep dip
Ab splits

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Ash Pointe

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  1. We're did you get your workout pants

  2. how long do you run on the treadmill for?

  3. Ashe can u answer a question for someone like me. I've got physical limits but how do u workout with a 5 lb. weight limit.? got done solid suggestions that won't kill me , lol

  4. hey are you in nc.. I would love to train with you

  5. Is that your home or a gym. I like the privacy you have there. There's a sh*% load of people at my gym sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable

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  7. TatiLov3 says:

    Where's the love button!!!!! 😩😩😊😊

  8. India Epps says:

    Can you please please please do a stretching video that you do before and after your workout

  9. Ely D'Alva says:

    loved this type of video 🙂 definitely going to change my boring routine is about time lol  more please xxxx

  10. Christina says:

    what type of nike sneakers are those

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  12. how do i incorporate hiit on the treamill and weight lifting (such as leg, arms and arms)? like i'm confused on how i should schedule this during my week or if i should just do hiit 3 times a week and strength every 2 days since my primary goal is to lose weight

  13. BDominique says:

    thanks for this video! I'm trying to get started in exercising. how many reps should we do for each exercise?

  14. Hi I loved your video my names Billy I am a new blogger, I thought you did a great job. I just started doing my weight loss journey and started a blog, however not as good and as detailed as yours. I need to work on them a little more. If you ever get a chance maybe  check me out and leave some constructive criticism. I liked and subscribed.

  15. I love those leggings!!! Where did you get them??

  16. Please make more videos like this

  17. anybody can help me out to some good workout music or instromentals please !! Ash you have motivated me so much i'm going to start my journey. I can't find the right music though.

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    Yasss!! We need more black fitness youtubers.

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    Hi! What kind of shoes are those plz?

  20. Ive recently started back wrkning out…..I went through a lot last year and didn't wrk out but now im back on it….where are you in the states would love to wrk out with you one day

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  24. Tasha S says:

    I just love your videos. You give this girl the motivation to get up and move.

  25. Great video! I'm new to this channel but just subscribed! can you tell me where you purchased those workout pants?

  26. Hey Ash…Omg thanks for the videos… Girl you are so motivating! How long did it take you to get to your goal weight and how often do you exercise?

  27. Great vid, keep it up with the motivating others to live a healthy lifestyle <3

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    THANKS FOR SHARING!! DEFINITELY GOING TO TRY!! Hopefully I don't pass out lol

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    You have the best fitness videos

  41. well done:) LIKE! We wish you a blessing weekend:)Love Hanna and Mia

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    is it weird that I watch your videos and I'm 6 months pregnant lol u have inspired me even though I can't do this just yet !!!

  43. Mouna titi says:

    wow thank u so much i will try

  44. You look great! How long did it take for you to start seeing results when you first started working out and eating healthy? How much have you lost so far? Sorry I'm so nosy I'm just starting out

  45. are you still in the process of losing weight or just maintaining? and this may be a stupid question lol , but does glute exercises really expand your butt?

  46. What shoes are u wearing by the way?

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