LaVar Ball exclusive new house tour (elevator, weight room, 16,000 square feet) | ESPN

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November 13, 2017
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November 13, 2017

LaVar Ball exclusive new house tour (elevator, weight room, 16,000 square feet) | ESPN

Despite the lighting not being fully installed yet, LaVar Ball gives ESPN an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of his new 16,000 square feet house in Chino Hills, including an elevator, weight room and more.

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  1. in two years they'll be back in the ghetto

  2. jays0909 says:

    I️ know a lot of you wish he was your daddy but he isn’t lol. Lonzo bought this place Thru the family company called family matters Llc. More facts FB deal is between 110-250k. Look it up . Here is the link for this house and article that lonzo bought it. Best of luck to them .

  3. Sam Coll says:

    Why do people need such a big house? Majority of the house will be infested by rats and mold. Even if you hire 10 house cleaners , there will still be parts of the house not being touched .

  4. Ingrid says:

    Does anyone else wonder what their original last name is? I doubt it's Ball. What really was his last name?!

  5. My son is gonna win the lakers 5 Championships in 2 years -LaVar Ball

  6. Lavar is Funny AF to me….Success in the making!

  7. You all do know public records bought this house through a private LLC called families always first. Its his NBA money that bought the cars and back the mortgage on this house not BBB. The BBB would literally need several years of positive earnings earnings and cash flow to mortgage this property. Even commercially. It appears the LLC is for the reality show so some of the money could have come from facebook. You guys want to know why Lonzo game is suffering is because of the clamorous fellow name Lavar. A rookie cant just be a rookie. You have to be the hopes wnd dreams that your father couldnt bring into existence for himself. He has pimples and looks sad alot. Remember the last kid who was the hope of his entire family? All the talent in the world. He had pimples and a sad disposition to the point where he changed is appearance and bleached his skin to try and make himself happy. #MJ

  8. If nick crompton and Tessa got in that elevator it would break

  9. Rob Master says:

    This is totally wrong man; guess what? You are using your Son to create a buzz and hype. This new money was hard earned and heartfelt by your son and not yours. This is the reason why the economy of America is at its lowest right now. Some people are getting rich at the expense of others; but this guy is at its worst because at the expense of his own son. WOW. Now that the expectations he created for his son Lonzo was to high and the boy could not live to that expectations; All the pain, agonies and heartaches will be carried by Lonzo in his mind and heart and not by this so called Dad. His actions are not a work of a Dad. He is a modern pharoah to his boys hiding from the so called care and being a Father. Lonzo should talk to this guy as a Father and Son with respect and as a human being and let him know that they are in America where equal rights are respected regardless of gender, age, race, relationships and status in life. His part of being a father, guidance and being a mentor was done. He already made his son Lonzo of who is he is and now a 20 yrs old guy. He should leave his son alone live his own life and not being manipulated by this guy who wanted to be rich at the expense of his own son. He should live in his own house by his own sweat and tears. Come on man; work for your own capabilities and be successful using your own skills and talent, and not using capabilities of your own son. If Lonzo lives with his mom without a Father; that could be understandable, but dude: YOU ARE THE FATHER. Do not make money at the expense of your own flesh and blood.

  10. Nice of you to take money from your son. . Fucking bum!

  11. hope your son paid the house in full, because your son's a bust and will never get a huge contract with the Lakers! Save yo money you idiot!

  12. 2:00
    Cameraman: Did you ever think you'd have a place like this Lavar?
    Lavar: You know i'd have a place like this! you just could't wait! oh you think i didn't?!
    Cameraman: did not…you did not think you'd have a place like!

    The cameraman doesn't seem genuinly happy for Lavar. Also, why was it so hard for him to believe that Lavar envisioned himself living in a mansion?  that seemed to bother him

  13. Your son had 0 points though lmao

  14. Lavar is all about believing in yourself and working hard #BBB

  15. this man really deserves it!!

  16. Lavar Ball = Professional shit talker.

  17. Imagine being stuck in an elevator with lavar ball. Holy fuck

  18. Fuck if I was one of the ball brothers I wouldn't even try to get my own place. I'd stay in the family mansion and live it up. They can have the grandparents living with them, the relatives and all the family friends. Shit would be lit! Plus lonzo fin be making millions… shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  19. Edward Kim says:

    Black Trump in da house!

  20. Living off his kids money, let's be honest. That's the whole reason he pushed sports on his kid. Lonzo and Melo better cut this asshole off before he spends their money before they even have it.

  21. Ethan G. says:

    We all know Lonzo be the one who paid for dis

  22. Brad A says:

    Is he really bringing in this kind of cash?

  23. 2GUYS1GUN says:

    bbb the new generation jordan

  24. who let this douche into lavars house…

  25. I luv lavar his a true king shows with hard work and preparation your dreams can com true.

  26. Hey, so It's kind of a long story so I'll tell you next time I see you. But it is because mine and Beth's papers were similar. He said he will talk to her and we should be fine. So yeah that's the short version of how that went.

  27. Mike Mac says:

    Everybody hates on Lavar man but dude played everyone who was hating on him

  28. VIP CABE says:


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