Kareena Kapoor Fitness Routine | Post Pregnancy Workout | Yoga For Weight Loss | Taimur Ali Khan

Quickest Way To Lose Belly Fat And Tone Up-3 Week Diet Plan
June 26, 2017
Pilates Mat Saw Regression
June 26, 2017

Kareena Kapoor Fitness Routine | Post Pregnancy Workout | Yoga For Weight Loss | Taimur Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan is Back To Fitness & Workout Post Pregnancy. Watch her step out of Yoga Sessions.
Reporter: Abhishek Halder
Editor: Ajay Mishra

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Get in Shape Right Now, Slacker!

Getting physically fit can considerably affect your way of life. It might enhance your feeling, your endurance plus your self confidence. You may sense well informed and be better equipped to take care of day to day existence. This information will present you with some tips on how you can make which a fact.

If you are just starting on the road to a healthier lifestyle, avoid overdoing your training. Do not try to work through too vigorously. If you, it can lower your energy and could cause injuries. Any exercise is a noticable difference not to training. If you is only able to exercise for ten minutes, it is advisable than ten minutes of not training.

Encourage your close friends to exercising along with you. A wonderful way to make your exercise regimen more pleasurable, and rewarding, is always to have your pals be a part of you in it. You may in the near future find that hitting the gym within a group is a simple strategy to continue to keep the other person inspired and shifting.


  1. bebo ap moti b shoooooniiii lagti ho

  2. for weight loss ..watch this…
    become fit with Manisha

  3. Hello its HEENA kareena ko normal delivery hui hai to o workout karsakti hai but mujhe sezarin operation hua hai to main kya karun ????

  4. lndiraa says:

    she definitely does inspire.

  5. she is good thx alot

  6. excise is always beneficial to health its regardless of age

  7. really inspirational

  8. The Ramp walk- when she was pregnant.not After pregnancy. And what is the reason behind this vid. ? obviously she ll keep herslf fit As we know from which profession she belongs to.

  9. well done kareena 😘😘

  10. she is my fav indian actress.

  11. motu buffello……havein child wit second hand husband…like Karishma….your parent are so unlucky to have second hand son in lows…

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