Joe Rogan on Ketogenic Diet, Fat People and Hiking – JRE #815

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June 1, 2017
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June 1, 2017

Joe Rogan on Ketogenic Diet, Fat People and Hiking – JRE #815

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Joe Rogan on Ketogenic Diet, Fat People and Hiking – JRE #815

This video was taken from Joe Rogan’s Podcast Experience #815 – Cameron Hanes :

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  1. officially just ODd on MCT. thanks Joe. have a nice day.

  2. Can anyone help me out? Looking to start the keto diet. curious as to where to begin and what to do.
    I'm 5'7 200 pounds. I'm not overweight, i'm a bit chubby, but I have 2 fractured knees from misdiagnosed osgood-schlatters in my knees. I really need to lose weight but I can't go to the gym very often without being in excruciating pain. Thanks for the help.

  3. Buddy says:

    calories is something I completely don't believe in. Calories in vs Calories out is based on a law of physics, while your body is based off biology.

  4. E Von C says:

    Joe always makes me want a sandwich between him and his sexy, smart guests. So yummy!!!

  5. mayen67 says:

    "late night carbs that arnt getting burnt up"
    major face palm
    its not that "the carbs" arent getting burnt up its overall calories are to high and they are consuming more calories then they burn, if a 180lb guy who is 5.9 who eats 3000 calories of steak and advacardos a day hes still gonna get fat if he only needs 2400calories. if he ate 2000calories and half of those calories came from bread and pasta hes gonna lose weight so this guys "the carbs arent getting burnt up" is bullshit.

  6. I'm glad someone so "seen" is into Keto or low carb high fat. I'm also glad you're educating yourself on the facts. Isn't it odd that grains have been pushed on us? Is there anything bigger than medicine? I'm not a foil hat guy but I can't ignore how much of our daily lives involve medicine. We have been turned into cattle.

  7. Bring Dr. Eric Burg and discuss keto, weight training and building muscle on keto, and general pros vs cons

  8. Absolutely love this clip

  9. What hat does he have on FM?

  10. ZombieTex says:

    1:20 the food pyramid. If you look at the food pyramid, the bottom level is carbohydrates, and the top level is sugar. You know it's total nonsense if you just think about it for one second. What happens to carbohydrates when you digest them? They TURN INTO SUGAR! And where is sugar on the Pyramid? AT THE TOP! The bottom of the pyramid IS THE TOP of the pyramid!

  11. As we speak, I'm eating a high fat low carb snack while jamming a dildo in my ass.

  12. I keep hearing people complain about how Keto didn't work for them. They did this and that and felt like crap or didn't lose weight or only lost a few pounds and then nothing…blah, blah, blah…. Well if you are doing anything Keto and expecting results, you have to be 100% Keto. This is not a "diet" by normal standards where you can cheat now and then. This is a lifestyle change that requires 100% commitment to work for you. If you think that eating some carbs here and there is okay, then don't be surprised if the results you seek do not come. Even getting off track the smallest bit can reverse any hard work you have hoped to achieve. In fact, if you are doing Keto and cheat often, you are probably making yourself much more unhealthy as Keto requires a large amount of fat intake for energy. If you keep kicking yourself out of ketosis then you will just start burning glucose and storing the fat again and this time the fat becomes dangerous as it increases unhealthy cholesterol and plaque in the arteries.
    Either do Keto 100% with commitment, or stick to a regular diet. Keto will work if you have the will for it.

  13. zeroa69 says:

    im on a keto diet right meow the number one things i can tell you out of personal experience is add in coconut oil into your diet and if you exercise daily eat some carbs right before you get to it otherwise it will fuck your muscles up.

  14. Most of the evidence ive read suggests that low carb diets lower free testosterone levels.

  15. Butt Hurt says:

    noooooooooooooooooooooooo pasta. my pasta – you cant touch my pasta. I went off sugar for 2 months and felt like shit. Started taking sugar again and feel great again.

  16. I lost over 100lbs doing the Keto diet, still going….LOVE IT!

  17. Carbs in the form of processed grain products like bread and pasta made sense a long time ago when we didn't have refrigeration, daily life consisted of burning a shit ton of calories necessitating a high calorie diet, we didn't really know what the fuck we were doing when it came to farming, etc. Now people sit in a chair all day and we have access to food and food storage and preservation like never before. The conditions that necessitated a high-carb/grain diet no longer exist in the Western World.

  18. Yo Joe!!!!!! You should get Dr. Berg on your show. He's a keto expert!

  19. Meat Cakes says:

    I went Keto for 3+ weeks. lost all libido …went back to carbs (moderately) in 2 days had libido back and my missing morning woods 😉

  20. I want to know true separation between marketing and actual health, and who the fuck is telling us what?! Eggs are good, eggs are bad, atkins this, GMO free that, etc etc……wtf is healthy, and who's trying to make a buck. If I'm not mistaken years ago, Rogan jumped on the Soy milk train for a few months, and turns out the shit was packed full of estrogen and he was getting bitch tits lol

  21. Ra k says:

    Hmm..that sucks. I'm trying to lower my testosterone (I'm a woman) and he's talking about keto increasing it? Wellllllllll shit.this is supposed to be the best treatment for pcos..Idk..

  22. "Joe Rogan Crazy!" -Tyrone Biggums

  23. luomio says:

    The government is not looking out for you. Do not trust the government. The standard American diet is intentionally designed to destroy you for over 40 years.

  24. ccoghill23 says:

    Also the knowledge you are sharing about Keto diets is so new that people believe that all these genetically modified grains should be eaten first. I've always been in a high fat status. Yes you can gain muscle. Plenty of proof out there. But also all the info out there is low fat to no fat foods. My family and friends see me and the way I eat with all these fat foods and can't believe it. So sad.

  25. Snorlax says:

    I need to buy a clicker

  26. Snorlax says:

    Eat healthy!!!

  27. Doesn't like pasta because it's too insulinogenic. Doesn't realize meat is as insulinogenic pure sugar

  28. Never shuts up about Keto. Finds vegans annoying and preachy

  29. Brain Rush says:

    when you are really ready to lose weight, you will be able to stick to a diet that will duo that… until then, you will sabotage yourself

    for me, it was turning a certain age… for others it may be something else

    to speed up to getting ready to change, become crystal clear of what you want figure out of life… be extremely honest and selfish

  30. Kurt H says:

    Divide and conquer

  31. james D says:

    CM Punk seems like a nice guy |