Jay Cutler’s Mr. Olympia Leg Workout | 2010 Road to the Olympia

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September 17, 2017
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September 17, 2017

Jay Cutler’s Mr. Olympia Leg Workout | 2010 Road to the Olympia

Today Jay Cutler is at Gold’s Gym in Las Vegas for an intense leg workout. So strap on your belts and get your knee wraps ready as the 3-time (going on 4-time?) Olympia champion shows you how to do it for legs! (HD Reupload)
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  1. Going to have a go at this tonight !

  2. Please max out and tell us what your real weights are… dont lift light. Give us a real number so we can 'attempt' to compete.

  3. Nate says:

    i like his approach on this video. good energy and not too depleted

  4. oh i see muscletech made him the best haha what a joke.

  5. So approx 9 x 4 x 10? Holy crap.

  6. I wouldn't trust those leg curls one bit. Nothing but lies. 5:57

  7. Did you miss the 19 years of training part?

  8. this guy is big and…… BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Patawan C says:

    Jay the fridge cutler! Smartest BB of all time! He doesn't train as heavy as other Prob BB, but he knows his stuff

  10. Dingo Dave says:

    That's a lot of sets. Imagine trying to psyche yourself up for a leg day like that every week.

  11. wanna train at Gold,s Las Vegas!

  12. Leg day is always fun..

  13. Great workout! 30-45 sec rest will kill it

  14. sir u r hero but don't throw gym equipment.

  15. For those bitching about how they use drugs, its not like they don't work their ass off to achieve what they have achieved. It enhances recovery and muscle protein synthesis. If you take drugs and don't work your ass off then you'll still be pathetic looking lol

  16. 6:55. The old guy in the back with jeans on and a flannel long sleeve shirt and a white head sweat band. LOL nice gym attire!

  17. Guys, dont do squats in a smith machine. It grossly compromises your lower back and its not a natural movement for your body.

  18. whats with all the plus size shirts

  19. I'll tell you one thing. The more it hurts, the more it sores, aches. Your body is basically crying-out for more. Keep in mind if you get sore after working-out, OH NO, I need to work-out again. Simple. If it's sore you need more. Resulting in 'MAXING-OUT'.
    Flys' and scissors help rid you from cramping.
    Even reading for 15 minutes a-day before or after even when ever helps in reaching your goals.
    Getting sore is pushing for more.
    Dehydrating and being unmotivated is your prob. / (problem)

  20. Triceps says:


  21. Darren Picone the big man is bigger than you ?

  22. Darren Picone the big man is bigger than you ?

  23. tubemark1 says:

    Nice little partials, way to go dude. That always builds best muscle

  24. Cj Johnson says:

    Hes leg pressing twice as much as me, i hit 600 today for my max so far. 8 reps 😰

  25. that is how a champion is made💪💪💪💪

  26. jay cutler the best of everytime

  27. jay cutler the best of everytime

  28. Jayson says:

    Everyone's saying smith machine squats are bad but Mr. Olympia's doing it what ever works lol

  29. tone pooe says:

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