Improve Your Balance with TREE POSE || Yoga Tutorial

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August 12, 2017
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Tree Pose (Vriksasana) is a standing balancing yoga posture that building strength in the legs, stretches the hips, and builds concentration and mental focus. This posture can be done almost anywhere. In this video I show you a few different variations of the pose, talk about drishti (the focal point for the eyes), and the intention of the lower body and upper body. For more information on Tree Pose, head over to my blog:


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Improve Your Fitness With These Tips

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When starting in physical fitness schedule, stay away from calling it a training or exercise. Using all those words and phrases could make you turn out to be significantly less inspired. Try talking about them by their routines, for example operating or walking.

When you find yourself undertaking reps of your exercise, try counting in the opposite direction in your objective instead of forwards on it. It’s a intellectual trick. When you find yourself centering on all those huge phone numbers you tend to believe it is out of the question to complete far more, whilst just the complete opposite holds true when you find yourself reducing your count. You might find all those packages which were difficult to get by way of are easier in this way.


  1. I'm taking up your offer to suggest videos–I'd love one on doing cobra pose. I just never ever feel like i'm doing this in a meaningful way. Ta!

  2. Lee, what are your tips for stopping your foot front sliding down towards your knee as you're holding tree pose?

  3. I like to do this while I'm brushing my teeth. You are the BEST teacher! |