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June 8, 2017
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Here are important yoga mudras for everyday practice that will balance all elements to give us a healthy body and mind! These mudras can be practiced for 15 minutes each, either one after the how to do the other or at different times in the day.

How to do the Prana Mudra:

A Guide to a Better Body

No matter if it’s eliminating adore takes care of or wearing muscle mass, fitness depends largely on two things: nutrition and training/working out. This short article includes ideas that will help you handle those two key details of fitness. Hearing them will allow you to on the way to owning your desire physique.

Many people would like to boost their harmony. The best way to accomplish this is to harmony by using an unsteady work surface just like a couch support. This can boost your harmony drastically. You may also add anything heavy just like a phonebook, and relocate it from hand handy to boost your harmony.

To maintain suit when you go out, park much out of the spot you are trying to reach. For example, on the shopping mall, rather than fighting for that closest parking space, park in the distance. The wandering will allow you to make your metabolic rate up and burn calories.

Exercising doesn’t need to be tedious; it’s okay to have a little fun with it. The secret to keeping fit is having fun while doing it, and this article will help you do just that.


  1. Can we practice all Mudras daily?

  2. Thank you. Excellent video!

  3. hi, great video like it, but i want to know does it really work and how long it take to get the result. thk

  4. Jay Jeevan says:

    who created mudras

  5. Is it necessary to practice pranmudra after doing these mentioned mudras pl. clarify

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    Absolutely brilliant video. Thankyou so much! Simple, to the point and well demonstrated.

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    Thanks for giving very important information.

  9. If I touch my thumb to the index I touch and let them remain finger remain idle or keep on touching every few seconds? Please clarify.Thanks.

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    is mudra religous

  11. Hi, the yoga method of holding fingers with the other hand (1 by 1) how is it different to balancing the elements?

  12. pls give this video in hindi

  13. Namaste How To Bring The Colestrole Down Thanks.

  14. kathak das says:

    can we do a number of mudra's one after another?

  15. Maam i have ovarian cysts and breast cysts plus endometriosis which mudra i can do

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