How to use Yoga mudra for weightloss| Surya Mudra & Apana Mudra

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June 17, 2017
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June 17, 2017

How to use Yoga mudra for weightloss| Surya Mudra & Apana Mudra

2 Yoga mudras that will cause massive weight loss, mudras are a very important part of yoga that has been around for 5000 yrs.

If you have been struggling with diets and exercises to lose weight yet it has made no considerable effect then maybe its time to try yoga mudra for weight loss. It is a time tested yogic technique used for millions of years to regulate digestion and optimal functioning of the body.

Another helpful video on how to lose weight with an ayurvedic approach:

This video show you how to lose weight fast and effectively by permanently fixing the body mechanism. This way you will lose weight while you sleep and relax. For extreme weight loss in case of obesity!

Those who have high metabolism and acidity should not do the Surya Mudra.
Pregnant women should not do the Apana Mudra till last month (they can do it in the 9th month of pregnancy).

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  1. siva kumar says:

    Very useful video. Many thanks.

    Pls try to remove the unnecessary advertising comments. It will deviate the users.

  2. Hi,

    Today was my first yoga class. I was very lean a year back, due to hormonal imbalance and improper intake of food and pressure, now I have gained so much weight, can you tell me how mins, do I need to practice these mudras each day, since I am all the time at home, I am comfortable doing it all the time, but is there any restriction in duration ?

  3. i have numbness when doing any mudras.. plz suggest me

  4. can we do it after lunch

  5. Hello,
    Surya mudra Raat ko kar sakte hai??? And bed pe kar sakte hai?? ye karte time fan ka use kar sakte hai ya nhy???
    please reply.

  6. hi, can we do this mudra during pregnancy or trying to get pregnant timing?

  7. nice video mam 😂 can u plz tell me that…kya hum surya mudra apan mudra n apan vayu mudra lgater kr skte h..ya din me sirf ek hi mudra krni hota h mera mtlb h ki ager hum 15 mint k liy surya mudra kre or usk turant bad kuch der k liy apan mudra or fir usk kuch der bad apan vayu mudra kr skte h kya ? plz tell me in details☺

  8. hi
    Thanks for sharing.
    is it only surya mudra is required to do twice a day or also apana mudra..

    secondly any time I can do this practice or need to be empty stomach..

    thirdly can I perform this mudra in shav asan

    also is it ok to do this mudra with open eyes..

  9. You think supposedly if you exercise your fingers you'll lose weight, how can it burn fat if your fingers are the one being stressed. A good thing would be diet, regular exercise, jogging, and mostly workouts. I really don't get yoga just go to a gym. I don't even know why it's in my recommended list i'm a bodybuilder doing this won't lose you weight, working out hard and diet does.

  10. In a busy and hectic life schedule, spreading the awareness of losing weight by following our ancient yoga methods will surely be a boon. I will definitely try this

  11. hi can I do surya mudra while walking on treadmill

  12. Hello ma'am

    Can One meditate at nyt? please suggest me the ways to specifically loose breast fat.( my entire body's size and shape are normal, except the breast which is too heavy for my age)



  13. Excellent I love yoga. hello mam mudras very nice I like video's

  14. Jaathu S says:

    there I mudra for whitening skin and pimple

  15. Can we do these mudras while taking a walk

  16. very useful info..thanks mam

  17. Do we have to do all the mudras fr weight loss?

  18. nithi h says:

    only I performing this single mudra can we get benefits

  19. Hi! I'm a lactating mother with 4 months old child. After my C section I've become obese. Will this mudra be useful to me? Should there be time gap after taking food to perform this? Are there any other mudras like this that could be useful to me?

  20. literally took my headache away in seconds

  21. shruthi tn says:

    hi thank you for giving in detailed information about mudras. to reduce 1 kg approximately how days it might take if we do this on regular basis? I mean when can we see results?

  22. Can I do these both mudras while taking morning walk?

  23. Clif B. says:

    i love this!
    thank you so much

  24. background music is annoying

  25. Thank you! That was excellent! Like to know more about immune enhancing yogic mudras, asanas, and breathing ratios if there are any.

  26. good .are there any mudras for patients on fluid in take is big problem for such paients

  27. naive says:

    They say place your finger at the root of the thumb. But this video says place on the nail. What is true?

  28. I think I'm confused. It's this the only video for weight lost or I should be looking at something else |