How to Shrink Your Waist & Lose Belly Fat | The Truth

October 13, 2017
Fit Is Hit | Lose 10 KG in 30 days | Training Video | Fitness 2017
October 13, 2017

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I get asked a bunch of questions on how I was able toi shrink my waist and lose belly fat. I try to explain how I was able to get the results I did. I break it down from 1. Time – how long it will take, 2. Nutrition – What exactly should I be eating? What did I eat? Did I diet?, and 3. Exercise – What kind of exercise did I do, Do I train abs?

I answer all those questions in the video. If I missed anything feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have.

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SoulLove Part 2

Peace & Love My Friends – Vanessa

Getting Into Shape Is as Easy as Reading the Following Advice

Getting into good shape is not only about getting healthier. When you establish yourself very good fitness goals and strategy a workout plan that suits you, getting into good shape can be entertaining and pleasant, as well as healthy. This post will give you a few helpful ideas to deliver on your way to a fitter, more happy lifestyle.

Test out your counter just before picking up on it. To do this, click your thumb in to the counter you would like to sit down on. If you feel any wooden, go to a distinct counter. The reason being if the counter is just too tough, you can get T4 issue to take place inside your back while you are picking up your weight load.

Once your daily schedule hands and wrists an unanticipated bit of downward time, fill it up in a healthier, physical fitness-promoting trend: go for a walk. If you need to wait around for something, just go get going as an alternative to sitting yourself down, studying or eating. A walk can be a gentle way to enhance your overall physical fitness making the day a healthier a single.


  1. I’m 5’5 and like 185-195ish pounds and ugh it’s so in my stomach and thighs and it’s really getting to me, help

  2. How to reduse brest size smallers.please show some excerize

  3. This video really helped me ! > Thanks 🙂

  4. Thanks straight to the point

  5. I'm trying to cut down on eating a lot and I'm trying to drink more water and drink healthy( I hate eating bananas and stuff like that so I make it into a smoothie)

  6. Sho' Nuff says:

    I'm just a simple man… I love a thick girl

  7. How can we lose weight without decreasing bust size?

  8. I thought u were 16. WHAT

  9. 26?!?! ummm your beautiful!! you look like ur 18!! ur so pretty 💕

  10. Hi, great video. Two months ago I had major surgery for 2 issues and it was invasive where they had to cut my abdomen. I can't get into details but one of the issues was a nerve tumor, which now caused weakness in my femoral nerve. I lost some weight especially on the top. However, all the weight seems to push down to my lower belly where I tend to carry all my weight. How can I lose this stubborn belly fat with a weak leg and a sensitive abdomen due to incision? Thanks.

  11. Mia Dolan says:

    U take so long to get to the point

  12. Would you recommend a waist trainer when exercising? Do you think they really help?

  13. Mel Mad says:

    If u don't mind what was heaviest weight? I see the before pic and see the now. The results are amazing! I feel we may have the same body size in your before , not really fat but not really skinny. A thick chic basically. My goal is to reach 140-150. We are the same height, so I feel like you are a great inspiration. I have lost quite a bit of weight already . Cut down on soda,chocolate, dairy and junk food in general. Portion size my food, eat more fruits working on the vegetables. Lol. I am new subscriber , congrats and keep up the good work. I bet it feels amazing. I am happy I came across your channel.

  14. What is Antinobotan Solution and how does it work? I hear lots of people lost their weight with this popular fat burn method.

  15. Anca Opr says:

    There was no sound at all! I had to turn on subtitles on, but although was very difficult to watch and it looked like it was interesting..

  16. What's up with the over use of popping sounds? Find something another way to emphasize your points. My suggestion.

  17. Oh my God, I love you so much for being so frank. You are the best.

  18. I thought you were still in highschool you look so young

  19. Looks crazyThe video talking so much dumb

  20. This might sound a bit weird, what are the most comfy panties for working out? Any recommendations. I don't like lines showing, but I also don't think wearing thongs would be very comfy either. 😳

  21. those pop up sounds take away from your video.

  22. I just liked your video. Is real

  23. Im am basically you wheb you were like that and i am trying to lose weights because i hate hiw i look so i am watchubg a lot of videos on how to do it i am even doing a 30 day yoga challenge to hoping i losw weight i have lost some weights In my waist area so i want to keep going to lose all the fat i have the last time i weighted my self i was 220 and i am a 17 year old 5'6 girl and my mom and doctor said i was over weight for my age so i am going to watch your videos to help me out a little you give really good advice.

  24. I'm 18 and I'm not sure how to even start. I am going to college and I control what I buy as far as food goes but I haven't found good food that's healthy but I love salad and I'm not very good at exercise

  25. How many times do you do HIIT A WEEK?

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