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June 14, 2017
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June 14, 2017

There is nothing more satisfying than going fast up a climb. Dan and Si are here to tell you how to set a new personal best time when the road slopes upwards.

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Being able to tell your friends or warn off your fellow competitors how great your climbing prowess is, is so rewarding. Dan and Si tell you a few ways how to lower your personal best times.

There are various methods that the guys inform you of including
– Carrying momentum
– Utilising a tailwind
– Aerodynamics
– Time Of Day
– Slipstreaming

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  1. What are your tips for setting a personal best? Let us know 👇

  2. Love that old bristol road segment (1 min onwards); I ride that every wednesday morning 5 minutes after getting on the bike. Certainly wakes you up!

  3. hi guys! just a quick question since wind was discussed in this video.
    on a tail wind would you rather ride upright a d make use of your body as a sail or would you keep your aerotuck position to slice through the air infront?

  4. Khen Thach says:

    Xoxoxo l like 🚴

  5. John Mac says:

    Question is, is Dan anywhere near his KOM time for Cheddar Gorge? He's there or thereabouts on the leaderboard but can he hack it now?

  6. Try to start a little later then your mates or other strangers and try to beat them.

  7. i would like to know if there was a difference in 'effort' for the person who rode in front. i know there is an advantage on flat with headwind…

  8. Thanks guys. I watched this and busted a long standing PB on my next ride.

  9. Hi Guys I have just set up strava segments on my garmin for my favourite climbs, it pop up for the first time at the weekend giving me my PB to beat, but my power reading disappeared with it. So my question is should I just ride to time or would I be better off knowing my power out put (new to having a power meter) #torqueback

  10. kchall5 says:

    I prefer the Phil Gaimon method: a ridiculously light bike well under UCI regs, with the drops cut off the handlebars. Oh, and with Phil Gaimon doing the climbing.

  11. That's Cheddar Gorge in the UK.

  12. I can't give any tips. The highest "mountain" here is about 45 meters.

  13. Motorpacing definitely the best way forward!

  14. Tom K says:

    Thanks for the tips! I managed to knock 21 seconds off my PB on a local short climb!

  15. JBE says:

    01:41 there must be something about the air density in the UK or around where you filmed that scene. Because I wish I could gasp for air so majestically, like Dan, or is it just his passed experience with the cervelo test team ;).

  16. Andrew says:

    Pick a time you'd like to hit, then use your power curve to find what wattage you can hold for that duration.

  17. 2:05 umm, maybe a tip would be to raise your cadence above what looks like 10 RPM Si. Ouch.

  18. Sam Travis says:

    Simon talking while climbing out of the saddle, rediculous

  19. J B says:

    You guys should do more of these multiple back to back max efforts. I am not interested in whatever point you are trying to prove, I just like watching you suffer

  20. does lighter bike significantly make we climb the hill faster
    can a 11 kg bike climb with constant 200 watt ? #torqueback

  21. I'm interested to hear your tips about longer mountain climbs as others have mentioned. In Colorado, many passes take an hour or more to climb. Is there a pacing strategy based on FTP or LTHR to choose a pace? Keep up the good work.

  22. glenp298 says:

    would anyone know where this is

  23. Hey guys! Random question, but would you guys be willing to start a section on your show about cool ride locations or include where you rode in your video. This video has some beautiful sites and I would like to try them when I visit.


  24. Linus Lin says:

    Hi I'm planning to cycle in the uk. But I'm not quite familiar with the rules. Could u guys make a video about cycling tips for foreigners, especially skills like making right turn and passing junction?

  25. Those zipp 454 nsws o-o…..

  26. Another top quality video lads well done 👍🏻

  27. Also, you forgot air temperature and pressure; high 'C and low isobars = much faster time. Ask Wiggins on his hour record.

  28. Hmmm, going into a short hill with speed (as opposed to from a standstill) results in a better time; can't say I'm surprised!

  29. rock star says:

    simon you need to hit the gym mate, your too thin, STICK, put some muscle and shape on your body, no offence. you look funny. you have no form of shape.

  30. To set a PB find a tailwind. That's it.

  31. John Vogel says:

    I slowly walk up the first time….then ride up the next time: = instant improvement

  32. Attempt your PB when you are in a good mood and not mithered – a clear mind helps obtain motivation.Imagine you are in a break away with the peleton chasing behind.

  33. Pretty sure in front is two words… as opposed to outback, if you're of an Australian persuasion. :p

  34. Kagan says:

    Step 1: Push harder on the pedals.

  35. Every PB I've ever set has been on a new bike. Maiden voyage on a new ride is worth at least 50 watts.

  36. Jason Ng says:

    Si is always bullying his older peers lol

  37. Mr. March says:

    To ride fast up Cheddar gorge don't gorge on cheddar.
    Sorry, that was pretty cheesy…

  38. I don't think 1 thumbs up is enough to explain just how great this video is, so…👍👍👍👍👍 |