How to Row – The Single Greatest Drill Ever

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June 12, 2017
June 12, 2017

This is one of the best drills you can do if you’re just getting started on the Concept2 rowing machine to help you understand how to connect to the machine.

It’s called “legs only” and “legs and body”.

What this does is isolate just the legs and then the transition from the legs into hip swing. This is beneficial to develop because the legs are 60% of the stroke while the hips being 30%.

This is extremely important especially if you’re just starting out on the rower because so few people really learn how to push the legs into the machine when it’s the biggest driver of force when rowing.

Many love rowing because it can offer a great workout for your legs, your back, your butt and more but it’s only as effective to the degree you move properly. This is a great place to start.

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If you would like increase your going swimming, build up the flexibleness within your legs. While you are within the water, your feet conduct like flippers. And so the more mobility within your legs, the easier you are able to relocate with the h2o. A wonderful way to create mobility within your legs is to set on the ground, point your feet straight out, then flex them back again in your direction.

be sure that you expand soon after every workout. The muscles will clump jointly after a figure out and definately will remain like that. You have to expand them in the market to lessen possible accidents that can happen, and will also also reduce the discomfort to your muscles right after the workout.


  1. I noticed his heels coming up at the end of the return. He obviously is a great rower and he can overcome the lack on connection on the drive. I'm working on the heel raise issue daily, I can feel the connection being lost when they raise up. I am in love with rowing and I hope to be good one day.

  2. Hello Dark Horse Rowing. First of all thank you very much for these great videos. Def the best out there. At the moment i am training for the Danish Police School semester rowing test, and as i have basically no "real" experience on a rowing machine other than warm ups, i would love your advise on the best exercises for the 2000 meter timed rowing.
    Hopefully you can help me out and give me some great advice, so i'am able to beat the others haha-

  3. aslanyavuz says:

    3:10 great stuff πŸ™‚

  4. would you expect one to post a better 2k time on a dynamic or stationary erg?

  5. Hongru Ma says:

    I love your videos! Thanks for all your hard work

  6. Heat Wave says:

    Is the damper setting taken into consideration by the erg?

  7. For your thoughts. For flexible people stroke length is beneficial (based on power developed by body swing) For less flexible (older / me?), could better acceleration of the handle be a valid option? Building on the leg acceleration by a body swing with arm action starting shortly after the start of the body swing. i.e. exchanging some stroke length for faster handle speed build.

  8. I was wondering if you would ever considering uploading an entire 30min workout?

  9. edinborogh says:

    hey Dark horse! i finished today my first ever 10K row!! i did it in 50 minutes ( 2:30 split ) – nothing really stellar, but hey – its my achievement!!! and.. i lost 13 Kg since i started rowing some 8 months ago!! thank you so much for the videos, advice, and encouragement!! |