How to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week Step By Step

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November 13, 2017
Twist Yoga: entering and exiting restorative child’s pose
November 13, 2017

HOW TO LOSE BELLY FAT IN 1 WEEK STEP BY STEP | The best way to lose belly fat in 1 week. Step by step guide on how to lose belly fat fast and the fastest way to lose belly fat and stomach fat.
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My name is Aseel Soueid and I make videos about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle by providing a variety of informative videos and entertaining vlogs. I preach a lifestyle where you can easily achieve your fitness goals no matter what conditions or circumstances you face in your life. I teach you how to train the most effective and enjoyable way while still eating your favorite foods on a daily basis. Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to stay up to date!
Vlog series which includes tracking my cut/shred progress through physique updates, full day of eating / meals and the every day life of Aseel Soueid who is a Type 1 Diabetic living with celiac disease, lactose intolerance as well as being a college student.

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Great Ideas for Getting in Shape

Some people are in a natural way suited to living a healthy life-style, and some have to have it organized and watched continually. This informative article was created to help people of many amounts with educational information on the ideal way to attain any sort of physical fitness aim which may be establish.

Go walking to lunch time. When you are employed in a workplace atmosphere, attempt wandering to lunch time at the place at least 5 minutes apart. Like that, after you’ve consumed and delivered to function, you will possess also carried out a fantastic 10 second go walking that may be healthful for the state of mind and the body at the same time.

A great way to guarantee a good physical fitness regimen is to make certain that you have totally retrieved in the earlier working day, prior to trying your brand-new exercise. This can be accomplished by gauging your morning hours resting heart rate and looking at it to the standard resting heart rate. Should it be noticeably higher than standard, you want more relaxation.


  1. i've read lots of fat loss and nutrition books that give direction on how to get lean, fit and healthy. this book is different in that he doesn't just quote statistics and footnote research articles, he actually breaks the studies down and analyzes them. This is a rare find for a book like this. 🙂

  2. abzii10 says:

    Hey bro, how tall are you?

  3. That mans in the back is SHOOK on 9:58 lmao

  4. Great vid! Inspire a lot of people

  5. This Is How I Loose 10kg Weight In 15 Days It's Damn Working Guys..!
    TRY This Guys..!!😎😎😎

  6. Just AK says:

    Great video as always, keep it up bro

  7. Why does every fitness YouTube think you need so much protein??😑

  8. Nour Abid says:

    What's a good, cheap weight scale you recommend? I bought a Beurer but it gives different readings!

  9. Thanks for the indepth explanation, i will be cutting soon

  10. How does one incorporate the fact that they can’t eat a good amount of protein per day or week due to chronic kidney disease? I’ve been trying to build lean muscle and felt I was on track until my Doc said to watch my protein intake however my A1C was 5.8 for my type 2 diabetes 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  11. Hafsa Aden says:

    can you do what I eat in a day during this process?

  12. Again same video. Create new content dude. Your videos are getting boring

  13. Athul Ajay says:

    You are my inspiration bro. Iv been following u since along time and iv seen all kind of gains. I love RPT training.

  14. King J says:

    Thanks for this I’m working on cutting rn and I️ needed a new cardio routine because I️ get most of my fat in my gut

  15. Today I had my first meet of the weightlifting season, and in the 139 lb weight class I hit a 145lb bench and 125lb clean and jerk! My clean and jerk is pretty weak IMHO. Great video Aseel! Do you think you will ever try Olympic weightlifting?

  16. Tyvan Vang says:

    This was more of a "how i lost fat week by week" video rather than how we can find out how to lose fat in one week for ourselves… not really for us, but to explain what you did to get where we want to.

  17. This dude used to reply to all fans.. now he's getting lazy and cocky because he is gaining more subs. Sad.

  18. that pic on the left isn’t from a week ago so that’s deception

  19. How do you manage to lose weight while taking insulin? Because i am struggling to lose a pound even tho i am in caloric deficit

  20. Joe Cool says:

    Good stuff thanksgiving is coming hehe

  21. Really nice,in depth breakdown

  22. AlexSilva says:

    Do you still take cold showers? I was thinking of starting that

  23. Abdi Egal says:

    I have to learn how to track my intake

  24. Abdi Egal says:

    Hi from finland! I like it video already before even watching 😀

  25. This is awesome! I'm definitely doing this, but I really need to start counting my macros, which will help. Thank you so much for posting this, bro! Thanks for all you do for us! You're the best!👍👍💪😀

  26. FLYY says:

    More bulking vidss pleaseee

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