How to lose a muffin top ! (Monday Madness Workouts #5)

Yoga For The Spine – Yoga With Adriene
June 26, 2017
Lateral squats
June 26, 2017

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Want to lose ur muffin top watch this video and see ways too melt ur abdominal fat away.

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Ash Pointe

How to Successfully Get Into Shape

Don’t groan once you notice the word exercise! It might be enjoyable very seriously! Take time to discover activities that you simply actually get pleasure from performing and utilize them to your advantage. Can you enjoy to jump rope, get hikes, ride a bike, to become in the open air? In that case, put aside an hour or so to look get pleasure from these matters each day then you will feel more happy should you do. Don’t like exercise whatsoever? Should you be sitting on the sofa watch TV or playing games by pass the snack food and relocate or biceps and triceps and thighs and legs close to in rounded and all around motions great job, you will be working out! Just look at many ways to have up and proceeding!

To be able to increase your working exercise, make sure to allow yourself an escape each six weeks approximately. This will likely allow your body to recuperate and assist to stop damage. Within this crack few days, you need to not relaxation completely, but to cut the work load in two.

When weight lifting, it can be imperative to know your boundaries. A little issues is good, however, if you’re personally straining on your own, you need to try a lesser weight. However, you might be tempted to hold lifting a lot more, remember that results can come at some point, of course, if you harm on your own you will only be hampering your progress.


  1. Nera Smith says:

    You are such an inspiration! I've been doing some light jogging on my treadmill. I'm going to incorporate some ab work into my workouts.Thank you for making this video. It made me feel like I can get rid of this "muffin top" that I hate so much.

  2. Wow Ash, I love your enthusiasm, advice and ability to share and inspire. I've watched 3 of your videos so far and have alot more to catch up on…lol…but I really connect with you as a mom overcoming our weight challenges. I have made a decision to apply the same discipline I preach to my kids towards my own health and well being. Thanks for being you and inspiring me to believe in myself again….bcuz I'm worth it!!😂 Much love and blessings to you and your family❤

  3. Love watching your video's. Because they look doable. You are very inspiring as the other person said. Your ab exercises can you tell me the names of them and how many to do each day? Thanks for sharing and helping us get healthy.

  4. Hi Ash! Can you please do weekly madness monday videos for the month of april or make it and ongoing weekly thing please, i really enjoy them, but would like to have a good Playlist of them. thanks so much

  5. Just Subscribed! Found your video in my suggestions. So glad I clicked!

  6. Ur camera person needs to stay still.. how can we focus if ur camera is shaking

  7. Cara J says:

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words and posting videos on your journey. You inspire me to get my body together and to better manage my stress.

  8. Cara J says:

    Hi Ash, in the beginning did you simply focus on interval cardio training to lose fat and then progress to weight training with cardio later after you lost a certain amt. Please help on how I should structure my workout plan. I have 55 lbs to lose by July/Aug 2017 and I'm unsure if my focus on cardio to slim first is the right one.

  9. jb africa says:

    Thank you for sharing Queen!

  10. you are truly a God Send,I thank u for inspiring me.I listen to you and tear up everytime because you are an angel sent from heaven. I just wanna say thank you,Thank you, Thank you..much luv

  11. i couldnt stop staring at your lashes !!! details lol … loved the info in this video as well

  12. Can you grow hips ?

  13. Adria Ward says:

    What size weights are you using?

  14. I love your videos! A little constructive criticism. The sound on your videos where you are talking to the camera is low and I have to turn up my volume very high to hear you vs the ones where you voiceover are extremely loud and clear both which are great unless like this video the two are combined. Yeah no worries love I don't need my hearing 😱😳😮😩😫 please fix it. That is the only thing I don't like about the videos. Well it's not about me really I am thinking about all of your viewers enjoyment. Im on my weight loss journey currently and plan to use my YouTube channel for health and fitness eventually as well so I watch the videos not just as a viewer but as a producer. I hope I explained this respectfully because that is my intention. I Love you too and I'm so proud of your progress, I have watched a lot of your videos from beginning to now and it's just awesome. Also I also love the fact that your husband is there by your side. Many many blessings to you and your family. Thank you. God Bless you I Love You

  15. My favorite thing in this video is when you said to envision yourself with the body you want. I've never done that before but in that moment, that was motivation enough. Thank You!💜

  16. Hi, how to slim up your arms I got everything else but my arms is my concern.

  17. Diana Best says:

    Ash your simply wonderful! thank u again for the awesome video 😀 I'm gonna do this workout this morning! Thank u once again.

  18. Hi Ash, New Subbie. I love your channel. On my journey to lose 70lbs as well. I will incorporate these to melt away my muffin top.

  19. Can you tell about your hair? it's so pretty! |