How To “Cycle” Your Cardio & Interval Workouts For Faster Fat Loss

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June 25, 2017
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June 25, 2017

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Inside this short fat loss video, I’m going to teach you how to eat lots of carbs and never store them as belly fat. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy their favorite carbohydrates without getting fat, especially this time of year as we move through the holidays.
So up here you’re going to see a picture of your body. And I know it looks kind of funny. It’s a square. But I’m going to simplify it for you. So inside here we have bone, tissue, and organs, and we also have hormones. And in particular, we’re going to talk about how to manipulate insulin, leptin, and your thyroid in a very simple way. In here you have stored energy, primarily in your liver tissue and in your muscle tissue, and this is called glycogen. So glycogen is just a fancy word for stored energy, primarily from the carbohydrates that we eat in our diet. And over here, you’re going to see that we have body fat.

So what happens in the average person’s diet, is over time, every time they consume food, in particularly carbohydrates, you start storing energy in your energy tank. Now if you’re not consistently keeping your body in a calorie deficit, or burning off more than you’re taking in, overtime what ends up happening is your energy tank fills all the way to the top. Then every time you consume food or carbohydrates, unless you’re running down the road burning it off or in the exercise room burning it off, every time you consume carbohydrates or food there’s a way to store it. So your body suffers from what we call fat spillover. And the fat, these calories, spillover and they’re stored as belly fat.

So the idea of carb cycling a couple times of the week is simply to lower your carbohydrate intake on the right days, at the right times, so that you can bring your energy tank all the way down to here, and then you can come over here and you can grab, and start burning body fat. Now you have to be careful, because if you do this excessively and you don’t eat carbohydrates, what ends up happening is you suppress leptin levels just after five or six days. Leptin’s your body’s number one fat burning hormone.

You’ll also get metabolic slow down. And then you’ll decrease your body’s efficiency to convert T4 to T3. In other words, your body’s number one fat burning gland, your thyroid, will become inefficient. So the secret, is to consume carbohydrates just up in here so that you never reach the point of fat spillover. And then a couple times a week, you come down here, and go over here, and burn belly fat.

Now by eating carbohydrates what ends up happening is you spike insulin, which is very anabolic– although you can’t burn fat when insulin is present. It helps your metabolism stay healthy when you do it at the right time. You’ll also increase your leptin levels. So you’ll spike leptin by adding carbohydrates in at the right time. And you’ll also, again, increase your body’s number one fat burning hormones efficiency, your thyroid.

And you can do this with something that we call Macro-Patterning or The 4 Cycle Solution. And somewhere around this video, you’ll see a link to click or tap where you can learn exactly how you can use carb cycling to force your body to consistently come over and burn fat, without depriving yourself of your favorite carbohydrates. This particular product has helped over 60,000 people across the globe. And you can get a meal plan that’s designed based on this philosophy, just by clicking, or tapping the link, somewhere around this video. So thanks for watching this, and keep going strong.

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In case you are beginning physical exercise, tend not to press yourself way too hard. If you feel ache, take a break or sit out your remainder of your physical exercise. When beginning, your body needs to little by little get used to the workouts. You are able to very seriously hurt yourself if you attempt to press yourself way too hard. Keep in mind your tolerence will increase as time passes.

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    what do you think about ketogenic diet? Its like avoid all rice, bread and all..but in lifestyle it is hard to do. Diet is good but dont want to give up pleasure of eating too. You said eating white rice is ok and no carb will stress thyroid and keto has very high fat that who has weak live not good |