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September 15, 2017
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September 15, 2017

Here’s something I wish I knew on how to burn fat faster and to speed up your fat loss. Enjoy the video!

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The core principles of fat loss are pretty clear:
1 – Caloric deficit and 80% of it coming via dietary restriction of food intake.
2 – Providing sufficient protein for satiety, muscle building, and muscle retention.
3 – Getting an adequate amount of sleep (7 – 9 hours)
4 – Eatings foods you enjoy eating and setting your macros to match your food preference.–YuU
5 – Enjoy the process, make adjustments based on your response and stay active.

The last two words I’ve used there is almost like describing some mythical state.

What do we mean by that? What does “staying active” mean for speeding up fat loss?

From the standpoint of energy expenditure, there’re four ways our bodies expand calories: Basal Metabolic Rate, Thermic Effect of Food, Physical Activity (Deliberate exercise such as weight training or cardio) and then we have NEAT (Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

Now, if we look at how most people create their deficits, it’s usually a combination of dietary restrictions plus performing a few sessions of a cardiovascular type of activity throughout the week.

For those a bit more advanced and knowledgeable the majority of the caloric deficit comes from the diet (about 80%) and the rest from weight training and potentially some added cardio.

The issue, however, is that most people forget that they can adjust their lifestyle to expand more calories naturally and thus speed up your fat loss or make the diet easier by allowing for more food consumption.

In a nutshell, this approach comes down to actively seeking out and planning activities in your life where you can express yourself physically and move your body.

The common trap of a lot of gym goers is that they’re extremely inactive outside of the gym.

For me, I’ve spent the first two fat loss phases just doing weight training 4-5 times a week and outside of that my activity levels were very low. I was living a sedentary lifestyle despite being well trained in the gym.

There’s not much wrong with this approach if you’re the person who naturally moves around a lot and has the environment that for forces you to stand up and move. (e.g. your job is in door to door sales, you’re a teach or work in construction). Your occupation and your job can provide that extra activity needed to make the diet part easier.

However, for me, my work mainly involves sitting and using a laptop. Which means I’m getting barely moving most of the day, aside from going to to the kitchen or the toilet. So if I don’t make sure I plan in the activity I end up working, video editing, watching TV shows, playing video games, reading online articles and for the rest of the time I’m spending my willpower on counting and restricting calories.

The situation described above is something a lot of guys have, it’s the sedentary gym rat lifestyle.

And this lifestyle of inactivity makes burning fat A LOT harder since now you have to be very rigorous with your calorie deficit from the diet going to those 1700-1800 kcal days as a guy.

Instead, what I’ve found to be a better approach is to make sure you’re getting in 6000-7000 steps each day minimum as well as plan 1-2 activities throughout the week that you find fun.

For those activities, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. It doesn’t have to be some exotic hike, salsa dancing or some hardcore action sport.

It can just be taking a walk, going to a local pool or taking the bike for a spin. Keep it straightforward and enjoyable.

Once you add such activities to your life, you’ll find that fat loss becomes significantly easier and managing your diet is less of an issue since now you can get more nutrition.

So it’s a choice between less food and inactivity vs. more food and more activity.

Pick the one that works for you the best.

Hope you enjoyed!

Talk soon, Mario

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  1. Disc Golf! You get to walk in the beauty of nature and exercise the brain at a challenging game with or without friends

  2. Who are you? Why do you travel so much?

  3. This is great point. I was overweight a couple of years ago and lost 20kg just with diet alone. I thought I was really clever because I didn't need to do cardio while other people in the gym spent hours on the cardio machines making no progress at all.

    After a mass gaining phase I'm back cutting again. This time I'm keeping my calories a lot higher and using cardio the help with the deficit. Why? Because I want to me more active and fitter. I want to do cardio. I'll carry on doing more cardio when I next start gaining for the same reason.

    And of course, it's nice to have bigger meals as well.

  4. Man you're such an inspiration. So cool.

  5. i spend most of my time in my room everyday as a student after classes and room is upstairs and i make sure i have no water in my room so i'll have to walk down everytime i need a sip of water and im quite anal when it comes to water intake so i'll have to walk down and up the stairs god knows how many times in a day just to get a way for me to maintain/increase my neat when im dieting.

  6. do you still in México yet?

  7. Clouds says:

    can i get fitter on a calories deficit while maintaining most of my strength. i want to get lean and im think if i supplement cardio into my training it would help both fitness and aesthetics. if i just ran 10 mins everyday at a decent pace then slowly increase it to maybe 30 mins max would that be bad for staying on point with my nutrition. and you got any tips on creating new habbits?

  8. Clouds says:

    long walks on the beach

  9. For me is definitely walking and stepping on my strider for some steady cardio. Great video, Mario. It's getting soooo cold here in Banja Luka I am sooo jealous of your weather in Mexico.😉

  10. Mzzzr!!! says:

    Do some people really gain weight if their carbs are too high regardless of caloric intake?

  11. nagoya says:

    i do volleyball and tennis once a week and manual labor job during week days and i hit the gym 3 times a week at least.
    I started my diet 6 months ago , Im asian so i eat alot of rice, I cut that in half , and substitute cabbage . my diet is composed of chicken meat, fish rarely pork , protein shakes , vegetables and fruits .
    i lost like 10 kgs of body weight in 3 months from 75 to 65 kgs and then it just stopped.
    Im a little frustrated because my target weight is 58 kgs .
    my body really improved but the last lower belly fat is really hard to slim it down.
    its now on my 6 months gym training and the weight stays at 65 .

  12. LinkKon says:

    How many calories does 7000 steps burn Mario? 🙂

  13. Leo says:

    Matt Ogus got so damn shredded by just doing cardio everyday while not dropping calories drastically like most people do. The thing he made it enjoyable was he read every session or listened to audio books. I've done this and man time goes by fast when i get to a stopping point in books I read and boom weights just dropping off my damn feet.

  14. Shuffling, the best cardio

  15. lol but to gain weight I try not to move the whole day though, apart from when I work out. Because it's already hard to hit the extra calories. Last day i walked 30km, at 70kg, thats aparently 2.1k calories burned out, so i ment to eat 5k cal that day to put on a little bit weight hell no lol that's too much food.

  16. nemesis says:

    favourite cardio to do is either 100m sprint laps or playing in the groove/ddr

  17. Great video as always. for me my favorite activity is dancing, I love to dance Spanish music.

  18. joel marbo says:

    I like walking to a nearby Starbucks. keeps the body active & saves gas✅

  19. citizen762 says:

    I used to track my steps and such but I quit after a little while. Didn't know what to do with the information. I walk on average 3-5 miles in the course of my day – just working. Energy expenditure is a non issue if your job keeps you on your feet for 8 hours a day. If I was independently wealthy and had a lot of free time, and didn't have to work, then I'd have a bigger issue. I also dislike cardio, but I kinda like the days I do it because it lets me eat a little more. 🙂

  20. JamieZarr says:

    I am currently neglecting the existence of the lift in the building where I live, which means I have to get to a seventh floor using the stairs… Oh, but only when going upstairs, as I believe using the stairs when going down is obviously easier but not the best thing to do for your joints. The way I keep this habit is seeing every time I have to use the stairs not as an annoyance but as a convenient little help to exercise and burn calories, and for free!

  21. AnthonyH says:

    I walk everyday and try to make 10k steps. It's not really significant. It is only if I go upper than 15k.
    Also burpees are great but it can be worse if I do that everyday. My metabolism had completely stoped after 3 weeks of doing this.

    I don't know what other exercice to do without equipment.

  22. Hiking! 4 days of hiking all day, collecting water, gathering firewood, etc. Combined with limited rations it creates quite the deficit. Although my appetite once I return home is a force to be reckoned with!

  23. hey Mario I like your content and everything. But I am wondering isn't your views number increasing. Any thought on that?

  24. I love walking and cycling I walk about 6km per day sometimes more. I try to use my car as less as possible especially if its nice weather.

  25. which camera you use bro

  26. i heard swimming can boost up your metabolism and can burn lots of calories

  27. maybe one of your best videos! |